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[VIDEO] Tom Lawlor Sumo-Wrestles His Way Into Canada’s Heart at the UFC 154 Open Workouts

I’d like to consider myself a psychologist of sorts, the way that George Costanza considers himself an architect. Sure, my degree might have been acquired less at an accredited institute and more in my own imagination, but based on several interviews I’ve either read or watched in the past, I can professionally declare that Tom Lawlor is crazier than a sack of rabid weasels. The crazy ring entrances, the outfits, this isn’t a man trying to leave his stamp on the UFC, these are the early signs of schizophrenia. Trust me, I’ve diagnosed this sort of thing before.

And while I wouldn’t declare Lawlor sane enough to stand trial, let alone fight professionally for a living, I will gladly watch his decent into madness if it means more antics like the stuff he pulled at the UFC 154 open workouts, which will easily go down as the coolest open workout display since ever.

An unabashed fan of the WWE, Tom introduces his trio of sumo as the “Sumo Suave” to Ariel Helwani in the above video before squaring off with both gentlemen after the jump. Diapers were worn. Necks were bitten. Enjoy.

Speaking of psychopaths in Depends, make sure to swing by CagePotato tomorrow at 10 pm EST for our liveblog of all of the UFC 154 action.

-J. Jones

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blaphtome- November 17, 2012 at 10:38 am
Hardest working, northeast, paid dues; blah, blah, blah. What the fuck does any of that mean, this isn't the local carpenters union. What do I give a shit where he's from? And your argument is he's awesome because Weidman beat him, WTF? How bout his previous loss to Joe Doerksen, or the one before that to an old ass real 170 pounder (Simpson). Paid his dues LOL. Tank Abbot has "paid his dues" too, why don't we bring him back. Because he's not fuckin relevant, and Lawlor's not far behind. Hug his nutz all you like, but lets not pretend we should all have to keep watching this sideshow, WWE bullshit from a guy who hardly fights and never beats any contenders. Plenty of dudes have gotten their walking papers for less than this guy gets away with.
KarmaAteMyCat- November 17, 2012 at 9:44 am
Toms one of the hardest working guys in the northeast. His last loss was to Weidman who is highly toted as next in line for Silva's belt, and who also handled Munoz. Tom is a main card fighter he's paid his dues. Get over it.
blaphtome- November 17, 2012 at 9:24 am
Tired of watching this dude dick around, while there are more exciting up-and-coming guys who could get a shot. Seriously, how does a guy who's dropped 3 of his last 5 and fought 6 times in 4 years manage to stay at the top of cards. Here's an idea, earn your spot on merit instead of stupid ass gimmicks.