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[VIDEO] UFC Bantamweight Cody Gibson Gets Coldcocked Outside Bar After UFC 178 Loss

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Curtain-jerking the Fight Pass prelims at UFC 178, bantamweight Cody Gibson seemed well on his way to boosting his UFC record above the .500 mark. Matched up against Manny Gamburyan, Gibson was lighting¬†the judoka up on the feet and mixing in takedowns like a far more seasoned veteran than his 12-5 record would suggest.¬†But in the closing moments of the second round, “The Anvil” was able to lock in one of his patented guillotines chokes, and while it appeared as if Gibson was going to be saved by the bell, he was forced to tap with just 4 seconds left.

Unfortunately for Gibson, his night of fighting wasn’t over yet, as he ended up squaring off with some dude-bro a couple weight classes above him at a bar later than evening. TMZ managed to obtain a video, along with the following description of what went down:

Despite the loss, Cody still felt like going out … and that’s when he got into it with another bar patron. Sources at the bar tell us … the two guys got into an arguing match that escalated quickly — but when it almost came time to fight … Cody tried to WARN the guy he’s a professional brawler.

In the video, you can actually hear Cody tell the other man “Google me, bitch!” But the other guy didn’t listen … and instead of googling, he SOCKED CODY IN THE FACE. Cody was stunned … but didn’t go down … and responded by tackling the guy to the ground.

Jesus Christ, TMZ writers, did you guys all graduate from the Comments Section School of Composition? They’re called commas, and they cannot just be replaced with an ellipsis whenever you feel like it! I know your site caters to 13 year-old ADHD cases with texting addictions, but you cannot literally trail off in the middle of a sentence and come back into it at your convenience.

“Sources at the bar tell us … like, his shit was all retarded…like, you know, like, youknowwhatimean, like…?”

I must say, I’m surprised Gibson opted for the double leg against his dude-bro opposition rather than use the opportunity to show off his Thai clinch skills, but maybe he was just trying to avoid a lawsuit by taking the guy out of action as painlessly as possible.

It appears that security was able to break the two up before things got too out of hand, but that being said, we fully expect to hear word of Gibson’s firing in the coming days, likely before The Baldfather can even review a tape of the incident.

We now go to the TMZ comments section of the video for analysis!

God damn you Diane, and God damn you, TMZ.

Anyway, “Google me, bitch!” = the modern day “Do you know who I am?”

-J. Jones

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