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VIDEO: Wanderlei Silva Threatens to Leave ‘TUF Brazil’ Because Chael Sonnen Won’t Apologize to Him


I almost feel bad for the cast of TUF Brazil 3 — whoever they are — because all the squabbling/fake brawling between coaches Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva is stealing so much of the spotlight. Then again, do I care about regional-level Brazilian prospects fighting in a reality-TV tournament? I do not. Do I have any plans to subscribe to Fight Pass to watch this show and others like it? No sir. At all, like ever? No no no.

So here’s something else that happened during filming: Wanderlei Silva demanded an apology for all of the nasty things Chael Sonnen said about Brazilian people in the lead-up to his first fight against Anderson Silva. Sonnen refused. Silva threatened to leave the show if Sonnen didn’t apologize. Sonnen refused some more, and suddenly we were at an impasse. Here’s what Chael had to say afterwards about Silva’s failed power-play:

“He is so stupid, I’m ashamed of him. He is a checkers player. In checkers you play one move at a time. If you are a chess player, you have to guess what I’m going to do and plan your next move, you have to be three or four moves ahead. He is so stupid, and I’m not trying to offend him, stupid is a word for a real thing. He comes and say: ‘the show stops if you don’t apologize for what you said about Brazil’. He did what a real checkers player would do. He would never imagine that I would refuse to apologize. When I refused, all that he could do was give up. He put himself in check, I didn’t do that. The show stopped and was almost over. They had to call Dana White and the producers. I begged him to come back and he didn’t. So he called for a cab and the cab came. One producer had to stop him in the cab and make him come back…

“The producers told me that maybe I should apologize. I said: “No, I can’t. It’s not an ego thing, I don’t blame myself for any of that. I can’t apologize because they will be just meaningless words. I’m happy because I did that. I thought it was fun and I could do it all again today.” Wanderlei asked me why I couldn’t apologize and I said it worked, I wanted to fight against Anderson Silva, I got the fight and I liked saying what I said. It was fun. I could do it again today. Wanderlei was so angry, he looked like a cartoon character with smoke coming from his ears.”

My favorite part of the video above is 1:55-2:11, where Chael tries to explain his position to Silva, and Wandy just gets more confused and more angry. Honestly, this whole thing is so great, I hope the TUF Brazil 3 producers do the right thing and cut out all the meaningless fight footage to make more time for the stuff that’s actually entertaining, like Chael mocking Wanderlei Silva’s intellect, and Wanderlei not signing his bout agreement out of spite, and Chael’s wife cooking him dinner in a Brazilian mansion. Everything else is just filler.

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