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[VIDEOS] Get to Know UFC on FUEL 9 Headliner Ilir Latifi a Little Better (Or At All) in This Awesome Documentary

(Part 1 via Katla Studios. Parts 2 and 3 are after the jump.) 

Depending who you ask, the man stepping in on just days’ notice to face Gegard Mousasi at this weekend’s UFC on FUEL 9 event is either named Illi Latifi, Illiar Latifa, Iliir Latifa, or Alexander Gustafsson’s soon-to-be-deceased training partner. At just 7-2 (with notable victories over ______ and _____) the oddsmakers are giving Latifi about as good a chance of beating Mousasi as my birth mother gave me at life — but I survived that abortion, dammit. However, if word of mouth is any indication, it appears that we all might be sleeping on the unknown Swede. For further proof of this, just ask CP reader dumbasses, who chastised us/praised Latifi in our original post while simultaneously misspelling his name. Classic CagePotato, amiright?

Anyway, it turns out that this Latifi feller is a legitimate wrestler — a former national champion, actually — who could really pose some threats to grappling-deficient Mousasi. So to help familiarize you all with the soft-spoken Swede on the eve(ish) of his event-headlining UFC debut, we’ve posted a trio of videos documenting everything from Latifi’s quiet beginnings to his May 2012 victory over WEC veteran Tony Lopez.

As far as fighter docs go, it’s a pretty damn entertaining one — painting Latifi as an intelligent, hard-working, and overall humble guy — so check out episodes 2 and 3 of the documentary after the jump and let us know in the comments section if you give him any better of a chance than you previously did. Or use it as a platform to continue arguing about the merits of dick-tucking vs. full on sex changes in relation to an MMA fighter’s chances in a given fight. See if I care.

-J. Jones


  1. nomomrnicekyle Says:

    Thu, 04/04/13 - 12:32

    For a site that likes to complain about how bad the comment section is with regards to the maturity of posts, that abortion "joke" was absolutely abysmal. Seriously. Just terrible.
  2. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 04/04/13 - 12:48

    Yeeeaaaahhhh, a "joke". That' was.
  3. J.Jones Says:

    Thu, 04/04/13 - 12:50

    @nom - The only way that joke could be considered immature is if I hadn't survived the abortion to write it.
  4. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 04/04/13 - 12:52

    It WOULD make for a better story if his name was Lily Latifi and he was born a woman. Other than that, he better be as good a wrestler as his homies claim or Sweet Sassy's gonna make genocide on his head.
  5. crappiefloper Says:

    Thu, 04/04/13 - 01:07

    Seriously, I got Lilly by ground and pound
  6. crappiefloper Says:

    Thu, 04/04/13 - 01:10

    Lily's gonna come out, touch gloves, take him down, and cling on to his opponent as hard as JJ clinged to life in that back alley,"clinic"
  7. JayJitsu310 Says:

    Thu, 04/04/13 - 03:20

    Latifi is an above average wrestler, and was indeed the National Champion. And having watched him wrestlefuck Jorge Oliveira, who is a Carlson Gracie black belt, and had the height advantage, to a decision recently, I like his chances if he can get it to the ground.That being said, I just don't think he has the experience or skill set to beat Mousasi. JJ also seemed to forget Mousasi's 11 wins by sub in calling him grappling deficient. I got Mousasi by stoppage, but anything can happen. It's going to be a good fight I think. PS. Has everyone forgotten the fact that Mousasi trains with Fedor at Red Devil, and with the Golden Glory team.
  8. JayJitsu310 Says:

    Thu, 04/04/13 - 03:22

    Mousasi beat Lombard and Jacare, he isn't afraid of being on the ground, or his back.
  9. JayJitsu310 Says:

    Thu, 04/04/13 - 03:37

    I have to admit if Latifi wins it will be pretty damn cool, and nice to see another Swede in the UFC, the only downside is I don't think I can take anymore Queen Latifah jokes, seriously.
  10. Pen Fifteen Says:

    Thu, 04/04/13 - 06:01

    @JayJitsu I don't think anyone has forgotten Gaygard trains with Fedor or GG, I just think that him getting wrestlefucked by King Mo and scoring a draw against Keith Jardine are a little bit fresher in their minds. The dude has had the reputation of being the next big thing for several years, but he has yet to show it against proven competition. He's got nearly 40 fights under his belt, now is the time to show he isn't just a can crusher. Sadly, this fight will tell us nothing toward that end.
  11. JayJitsu310 Says:

    Sun, 04/07/13 - 04:19

    True, but I would hardly call Hunt, Manhoef, or Jacare "cans" He beat Jacare, and Manhoef on the same night ffs. He just has that emotionless persona, and doesn't act like a lunatic, so most people find him boring. I mean he's only 27 years old, he still has a lot of time left to get where he's going. He's a smart fighter, and just because he caught a draw against Jardine doesn't mean he isn't good, it means there was a clashing of styles that made for a tough fight. "Cans" or not, he has an impressive record, and is a proven finisher, AND Champion. Out of his 34 wins, only 5 have gone the distance, and only 8 have gone past round 1.
  12. xkornqwm Says:

    Sun, 04/07/13 - 09:37

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  13. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sat, 11/30/13 - 05:04

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  14. mark mania Says:

    Tue, 12/03/13 - 09:08

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    Tue, 11/04/14 - 11:22

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