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Videos: Jake Shields Beats Down a Bully, Chuck Liddell Bullies a Bag

On this Sunday’s episode of Bully Beatdown (MTV, 9:30pm ET/PT) Jake Shields stops by to kick the garbage out of a roller-skating doofus named Jonathan, who is an absolute animal on the heavy bag. This is probably the most predictable installment of BB yet, but you should still tune in on Sunday to see if Jonathan changes his ways after his beating and starts wearing big-boy shoes without wheels on the bottom.

Below: The season premiere of Spike TV’s surprisingly entertaining new series Deadliest Warrior aired Tuesday night, and answered the question that has baffled historians for years — who would win in a fight between an ancient Roman gladiator and an Apache warrior? To gather evidence, a dude named "Snake Blocker" smashes the fake-brains out of a model head, and Chuck Liddell shows up to beat a bag with spiked gloves. It’s kind of like Sport Science, but way more badass. Segment one is below; if you dig it, go here to watch the rest.

(Props: Fightlinker)


  1. Snoop Dog Shit Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 01:38

    Snake Blocker sounds like a politically correct way to get away with calling somebody a cock blocker on TV, that and he came off as a bit of douche.
  2. tysonmcneely Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 01:48

    For the first time in Bully Beatdown history, the MMA fighter loses the kickboxing round.
  3. T Rex Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 01:49

    I thought Tom Atencio would have access to a better, bigger fighter than Jake Shields to beat up his bullies. I guess they were all busy.
  4. Richard Wad Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 02:02

    Haha, sounds like Deadliest Warrior uses the same narrator as 300 the movie. I think it's the guy with the eyepatch whom Leonidas sent back to speak to his queen.
  5. nothing to do with anything Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 02:10

    does anybody know the names of the two ring girls at the last wec event?
  6. Anonymous420 Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 02:11

    LOL JAKE MOFUKEN SHIELDS!!! 5 bucks the guy can make it through the striking round LOL
  7. WhaT? Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 02:29

    Shields applied the rape-choke technique.
  8. Anonymous Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 02:33

    tha apaches did seem pretty arrogant and that show could be a half hour show easily
  9. M@TT Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 02:34

    That show was gay. It was a bunch of dumb scripted banter that wasn't close to being clever (except when cock block stabbed the gladiator dummy mid-sentence) The concept of demonstrating the weapons is awesome, but the validity of the "winner" is about as legit as CP Power Rankings
  10. josh rosenthal Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 02:35

    wow this must be embarrassing even for some skinny 16 year old kid who doesn't train to lose in a stand-up fight to jake shields
  11. Dee STROY Are Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 02:40

    Truer words were never spoken.
  12. LukeTheDuke Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 02:57

    Deadliest Warrior is definitely the shit.
  13. Ozone Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 02:59

    deadliest warrior was a fun watch (also been enjoying "Warriors" on the history channel) but they definitely needed a "firewater" drinking round between the iceman and the apaches if they wanted some real carnage
  14. LukeTheDuke Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 03:04

    hahaha which arrow do you prefer? THE ONE THAT GOES THROUGH YOUR HEART. (end of part 3)
  15. Walrus Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 04:36

    Yea, those Apaches had some arrogance. And the one with the annoying accent was pissing me off.
  16. just some dong Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 04:40

    so in bully beatdown, nobody actually gets beat down? ...awesome.
  17. PurplePickle Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 07:00

    American Indians carry alot of attitude. My wife is native and most of her brothers act like those Apaches on the show, except for one who stays mellow and stoned all the time.
  18. poopiestick Says:

    Fri, 04/10/09 - 07:47

    I'm part Native American. And we are like the Scottish or the Irish. Doomed to drink and cause a ton of trouble, but ultimately lose our shit and be killed or assimilated. Damn I think I've only seen like 2 or 3 full blooded Indians outside of the casinos. :)
  19. Ample Says:

    Sat, 04/11/09 - 12:47

    haha jason miller is fucking awesome. "im a problem solver...*maniacal laugh*" Fucking classic. Jake Shields had a lot of fun, good times.
  20. steve Says:

    Sat, 04/18/09 - 06:34

    RED DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!
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