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[VIDEOS] Joe Rogan Names the Top 8 Heavyweight & Head Kick KO’s in UFC History

When he’s not busy chasing Bigfoot, obliterating pads in the gym, or supportively talking Fear Factor contestants through the subtle intricacies of chugging donkey semen, chances are that Joe Rogan is either jet setting around the world to maintain his gig as the UFC’s color commentator or destroying hecklers at one of his standup gigs. Rogan is truly the closest thing to a renaissance man that the UFC has to offer, which is probably why UFC Tonight grants him the exclusive privilege of compiling more “Best of” lists than a Buzzfeed writer born in the early 90′s.

Rogan’s first countdown focuses on the heavyweight division’s greatest knockouts of “all time.” I say “all time” with sarcastiquotes because according to Rogan, the heavyweight division contained zero knockouts of note before UFC 70 in 2007. In fact, 7 out of Joe’s 8 picks have all come within the past three years. WHY YOU GOTTA DISRESPECT BRAD KOHLER LIKE THAT, BRO(gan)?

Check out Rogan’s full list above, then join us after the jump to hear him riff on all things head kick-related.

That’s right, Gabriel Gonzaga‘s ironic decapitation of Mirko Cro Cop at UFC 70: Nations Collide is both the greatest heavyweight KO and the greatest head kick KO of all time, according to Rogan. Personally, I’d have to disagree and give the #1 spot to our pick for the greatest knockout of 2012, Edson Barboza vs. Terry Etim. I’m also quite surprised that Vitor Belfort vs. Luke Rockhold didn’t make the list, but then again, I have never hunted nor found evidence of Bigfoot’s existence, so I’m not exactly qualified to speak on the subject. Well, I have, but by the time the shrooms wore off, Bigfoot had morphed back into my neighbor’s dog Sparky, who I was later told had been stolen right out of their home earlier that day.

RIP Sparky.

-J. Jones

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