MMA Fighter Challenges People to Punch Him in the Face, Everyone Fails

Videos: Tito Ortiz Douchebag Quote of the Day, Brock Lesnar’s Caveman Training

(Props: FightHype via MMA Fanhouse)


"I was wrestling with Cris Cyborg, and she’s a tough chick, man — for a girl I expected her not to be so damn tough — and we were just wrestling around and I went for a guillotine, and she slipped out of it, and when she slipped out of it I traded off to a triangle, and I locked the triangle and she went to go pick me up and slam me, she picked me up and slammed me on the ground, and I had no pain, nothin’. I ended up choking her, but at the same time it was just a factor of one of those little small things that I notice like, ‘I’m good, I’m ready to do this and start working,’ but I feel great, man, I feel really good."

Good to hear it, Tito. If you didn’t end up choking out that 145-pound woman we would have thought you were a pussy or something…

After the jump: Brock Lesnar endures the notoriously brutal strength and conditioning training at Athletic Performance Inc. in Minneapolis. This might be your only chance to see what Lesnar looks like when he’s completely broken down and exhausted. Brock’s post-workout nutrition plan? Burgers and waffle-fries, bitch.



  1. baldmidget Says:

    Fri, 09/11/09 - 01:38

    hopefully brock is ready for ufc 91.
  2. UFC fan Says:

    Fri, 09/11/09 - 01:48

    I wish Tito woulda slapped the shit out of mr " cool-cool". I couldn't get anywhere close to finishing that fucking video cause of "cool-cool". I do wish they had video of Tito choking out cyborg, sadly later on in the shower she got revenge when she showed Tito that her cock was bigger than his.
  3. just some dong Says:

    Fri, 09/11/09 - 01:56

    What's that mysterious yellow substance Brock's chugging at the 7:45 mark? Could it be...?
  4. Says:

    Fri, 09/11/09 - 01:56

    its great to have Tito back, and yes lets bring the UFC to Mexico!!!
  5. Jugger Says:

    Fri, 09/11/09 - 01:57

    I read the Tito quote, then hit 'play' on the video... But then I chickened out and paused it. I can't bring myself to watch "the one who shan't be named". Watching these videos of Tito reminds me of watching scenes of Zelda in Pet Cemetery as a child. "Rachel! Rachel!" and I'd run and hide behind the couch.
  6. Soda Popinski Says:

    Fri, 09/11/09 - 02:23

    DUDE!! JUGGER!!! I cant believe you brought that up. To this day dude, that is the all time scariest thing to me in any movie ever made. Im 26 years old and still have to force myself to keep my eyes on the screen when Im in a crowded room watching the movie, just to not look like a pansy. "YOU'LL NEVER GET OUT OF BED AGAIN!!!!!!"-freaking terrifying.
  7. Slag Says:

    Fri, 09/11/09 - 02:33

    "A fighter based, fan friend fighter." If Tito's fighting ability was half as strong as his ability to butcher the English language, he would be champion of the universe.
  8. Sheps Says:

    Fri, 09/11/09 - 02:58

    Glad to see the Tito boycott is still going strong.
  9. tallkitchenbags Says:

    Fri, 09/11/09 - 02:59

    carwin is a dead man walking.
  10. Dubbayoo Says:

    Fri, 09/11/09 - 03:15

    Jenna ain't choked on anything..ever..
  11. rockhuddy Says:

    Fri, 09/11/09 - 03:36

    Jesus Christ, Lesnar is invincible
  12. Rich S. Says:

    Fri, 09/11/09 - 04:32

    How many times can you say the word "factor" in ONE video.. sheesh..
  13. Bob Loblaw Says:

    Fri, 09/11/09 - 04:52

    Was that Rachelle Leah in the Brock vid?
  14. I Hate Bisping Says:

    Fri, 09/11/09 - 08:31

    So if Coleman smacks the dick out of Jennas mouth and back in Tito's ass, will Tito be able to headline an event in Mexico City on 2010? Do you teach your son to impregnate a Whoooer?
  15. ajadoniz Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 07:11

    is it more sexist to choke out a woman or complain that they deserve different treatment in the gym?
  16. Ed M Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 10:40

    Cyborg picked Tito up and slammed him to get out of a triangle? What a fuckin BEAST. How heavy do you think Tito's noggin weighs?
  17. BigBear145 Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 02:35

    The yellow drink is (thank god) not machida pee, its actually this super crammed electrolyte drink that tast like absolute garbage. Most wrestlers have a 8 oz glass of it as a way to recover but not take on too much wieght.... leave it to brock to drink it by the gallon.... that man is a monster.
  18. AgentoftheBat Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 03:43

    Brocks workout is like Drago's from Rocky 4, but with less red lighting and computers with Atari 2600 graphics.
  19. StRyKeR Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 07:24

    Cool Cool man
  20. Beatingu Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 11:15

    I hate Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar is going to kill someone inside the octagon....
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    Sun, 10/13/13 - 10:46

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  22. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sun, 12/01/13 - 03:34

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    Fri, 07/11/14 - 05:01

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