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[VIDEOS] UFC 154 Post-Fight Press Conference

After every UFC event, there is a press conference where some of the main fighters are brought out to field questions from the media in attendance. While over the course of a presser you are bound to get many of the same questions repeated in slightly different ways by media members, they are always still interesting to watch if only because of the unique moment and that there are usually at least a few insightful comments given.

For example, in last night’s UFC 154 post presser we hear from and see a bruised, cut and battered Georges St. Pierre talk about how he feels just a few minutes after a successful long-awaited return bout that he once feared would never happen. We also see his beaten opponent, Carlos Condit, still eloquent though despondent after coming so close to realizing his professional dream only to have it violently taken from him by the returning champion.

Above we bring you just about the full presser from last night (it cuts out after about two minutes. When it does, go ahead and fast forward to about the 7:30 mark and it picks back up). Dana White and a few other fighters are also in attendance.

GSP discusses not finishing fights, ring rust, Anderson Silva and Johny Hendricks. Condit says how close he feels he was to beating St. Pierre in the third round and about making another title run in the future.

For those that like their information less complete and quicker, check out an additional video with highlights of St. Pierre and Condit’s comments after the jump.

- Elias Cepeda

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macreadysshack- November 18, 2012 at 4:30 pm
@ Hill-Billy I agree that it's really difficult to separate all the factors to really rate Condit's effectiveness against GSP. Still, I think Condit really is that good. I saw a badass GSP last night with his patented TD's and top control firing on all cylinders and Condit with absolutely badass work off his back (considering GSP). Condit made more space than anybody else has been able to in order to legitimately threaten with multiple armbar attempts (I know - not even close) but they made GSP actually adjust his posture which, as ridiculous as it sounds, nobody else has really been able to do for years now. That head kick was legit and condit landed nasty shit from the bottom, too. I've been becoming a Condit fan more and more probably we have similar body types and my own personal style has developed to be very similar to his - minus most of the, well, awesomeness. So, maybe I'm doing a little nut-swinging that I'm not fully aware of but damn was I ever impressed with Condit's toughness, composure and gritty/smart technique.
Hill-Billy- November 18, 2012 at 3:45 pm
My initial feeling was Condit

proved the haters wrong by giving GSP all he could hadle for 5 rounds. This wasn't the typical GSP fight where he just puts it on cruise control and dominates.

Today I'm not so certain. Shogun lost horribly to Forrest griffin and was very nearly beaten by Coleman when he came back from a similar long layoff. Hard to say having only seen the liveblog whether this was mostly Carlos separating himself from that pack, or GSP showing that major surgeries and long layoffs affect even the best fighters.