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Vitor Belfort Ignores Wanderlei Silva’s Call Out, Asks UFC for May Bout With Michael Bisping Next

(We predict Bisping will mysteriously get injured training for this one and will bow out of the fight.)

When Vitor Belfort lost to Anderson Silva at UFC 126, “The Phenom’s” old nemesis Wanderlei Siva jumped on Twitter to call out the former UFC light heavyweight champ.

“Where are you running to? I’d give [Vitor] the number one spot [in the line-up of guys wanting to fight me] easily,” he wrote. “I’m challenging him … I want him. It’s up to you, Dana White and Joe Silva.”

Belfort quickly accepted and it seemed both fighters had their next fight.

“Let’s do it, brother. I accept it. He’s a great athlete, a great champion, and it would be a pleasure to fight him. It’d be a highly anticipated fight, very important for the sport. Whatever Dana says, I’ll do,” Belfort Tweeted. “I never chose opponents and I won’t do it now. But he made the challenge and I’m accepting it. I just don’t wanna wait for the UFC Rio to come back, I wanna fight first.”

Apparently Vitor thinks that beating up Michael Bisping is a much more important than a rematch with “The Axe Murdererer,” whom he knocked out in the UFC’s last show in Brazil back in 1998. Having watched Bisping land an illegal knee on opponent Jorge Rivera prior to winning his UFC 127 bout via TKO before proceeding to spit at “El Conquistador’s” corner, it seems that Vitor wants to teach the cocky Brit some fighting etiquette before fighting Silva again.

“On my way to the airport going back to Vegas I am looking forward to fight Bisping on a May card,” Belfort wrote Sunday. “I need to fight soon. I want to get busy. I hope to fight in May before UFC Rio because I would love to not lose the rhythm. I [would] really like to fight Bisping next.”


Dear Dana,

We know you hate our website, but speaking as fans, we would really love to see this fight. Please make it hapen.


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  1. Joe-Say Aldo Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 12:10

    Come on man. Bisping doesn't want to fight Vitor. He doesn't want a repeat experience of the Hendo KO. With that said, I really hope the UFC feeds Bisping to Vitor so that happens.
  2. bjjpenn Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 12:12

    How did he ignore the call out, he answered it. Belfort quickly accepted and it seemed both fighters had their next fight. “Let’s do it, brother. I accept it. He’s a great athlete, a great champion, and it would be a pleasure to fight him. It’d be a highly anticipated fight, very important for the sport. Whatever Dana says, I’ll do,” Belfort Tweeted. “I never chose opponents and I won’t do it now. But he made the challenge and I’m accepting it. I just don’t wanna wait for the UFC Rio to come back, I wanna fight first.” Sometimes the titles of these articles make no sense.
  3. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 12:12

    Easy way to get Bisping to take the fight: have Jorge help Vitor make a cheezy video poking fun at Bisping.
  4. Videodrome_NOW Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 12:16

    If not Sonnen, then you have my blessing Vitor. But Sonnen would make Jorge Rivera's pre-fight shenanigans look like playful ribbing.
  5. torxxx Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 12:19

    I'd love to see Vitor and Bisping fight. I'm pretty sure Vitor would win, but it'd be a great fight to watch. I almost guarentee it wouldnt make it to the judges score cards
  6. radiobaby Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 12:19

    I'd rather it be an American personally. Chael or Stann would be my votes.
  7. GenZod Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 12:20

    I'm going to completely bypass my gratitude for presenting this tidbit of notable mma news on a boring Monday afternoon to point out your typo. They fought back in '98, not '08. Ya fuckin' idiot...
  8. DannySmithThe Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 12:20

    It was 1998 Son not 2008 *Correction*
  9. Stak40 Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 12:20

    I'm tired of fighters calling out Bisping. Its the safe pick. Bisping has a good record fighting scrubs. His 3 losses are to openents he should have loss to becuase he too is a scrub. He is the UFC European posterboy, which is the only reason he gets the hype that he does and fighters are all lining up to knock him out and catapult their careers. I cant stand his ass and would love nothing more to see him get KTFO again but let the matchmakers set it up.
  10. TheHuytonHandGrenade Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 12:30

    Stak40 i agree Bisping has been looked after and has been served by anybody who is above mediocre. Bisping needs to beat someone a level above Rivera to be considered as anywhere near a contender Belfort is too intense and too powerful i even thin Wandy would put a bad hurtin on him if they fought again!
  11. RwilsonR Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 12:34

    I definitely think they should make this fight happen, just not in May. They should put this on the August event in Brazil. For one thing, I'm tired of Bisping getting hometown crowd support, or at least friendly commonwealth crowd support. I'd like to see his overly-sensitive ass deal with a hostile crowd. And speaking of hostile crowds, if Bisping did somehow beat Vitor in Brazil (which I don't see happening), if he pulls any of that cheating crap he probably wouldn't make it out of the building alive. I don't even want to think about what would happen to him if he dared to spit at Vitor or his corner in Rio.
  12. SumDumGuy Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 12:35

    why not. I'm down for whatever that will produce a lifeless Mike the Cunt on the cavas.
  13. Mike Milbury Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 12:42

    Off topic, but I just read only four (Out of 100) AOL Fanhouse writers being kept. And no, Fowlkes and Helwani aren't on that list. Bring them here, CP!
  14. portland mma Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 12:46

    close but your about 10 years off.
  15. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 12:52

    Yes this would be a great fight
  16. Ballkick Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 12:52

    FUCK YEAH! BISPING/BELFORT,......that is just the cure for me after The CUNT Bisping's recent cheat-fest. KHTFO Vitor.
  17. Turd Furgeson Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 01:15

    Nice. With Vitor's hand speed, he should be able to get in at least 15-20 more shots than Hendo did after he knocks him out.
  18. destinationblood Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 01:16

    Vitor doesnt want to lose his rythm? I'm pretty sure he already lost all the from a front kick....
  19. eviltwin Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 01:22

    Bisping has gotten a lot better through the years for sure. Stop protecting him and let him fight someone legit. He thinks he is better than he is. Hendo let him know it...I just can't wait for someone else to remind him. Chael and Vitor are a step in the right direction. Bisping deserves a step up in competition because he deserves a beating.
  20. bitteralex Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 01:39

    that crazy brazialian wand might be right... cuz it sure seems like Vitor is ducking him...
  21. SteveyJBond Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 03:32

    Belfort and Wandy fought in 1998 - not 2008. As a Brit I can't wait to see Bisping get schooled. It's downright disgusting to accuse your opponent of being childish and then spit at his cornermen.
  22. Mike Russell Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 04:07

    @ Mike Millbury: Where did you read that? A note from the FanHouse editorial staff: Please note that on Tuesday, March 1, 2011, will redirect to the Sporting News on AOL, which will then become the flagship sports destination for AOL in the U.S. The Sporting News on AOL will be accessible at and directly from the 'Sports' link on the homepage. FanHouse archive stories will continue to live on AOL, while and FanHouse UK will continue normal operations as part of the AOL network.
  23. ThrashingMad Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 04:25

    Vitor shouldn't be calling out the dude who Wand just beat and almost finished. Wand vs Belfort is what I wanna see, fuck Bisping. No, actually I liked how Bisping handled himself considering Rivera talked all that mad gay shit on youtube.
  24. RaginAsian Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 04:26

    Didn't Wandy turn down a fight at UFC 130 because he's too injured or something? By my count that's three months away. And after getting KO'd in 3 minutes after a year and a half layoff, I'd think we could be a little more understanding that he wants to get back in there stat.
  25. Jubbie Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 04:35

    I can't wait for a Bisping Sonnen fight. This fight sounds good too I guess.
  26. irish brawler Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 11:14

    he doesnt want to lose his rhythm as in hes coming off of a year and a half lay off and doesnt want to wait another six months before fighting again because hes healthy again. @stack40 youre completely right. bisping is their uk poster boy and whenever he fights top tier fighters, he gets the crap kicked out of him. so naturally the top guys are going to want to knock him off because it would be great for their career. and i think its funny that they had their uk poster boy fight their japanese poster boy (akiyama)
  27. mark mania Says:

    Wed, 12/04/13 - 05:52

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