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Vomit-Inducing Video of the Day: Dude Nearly Gets His Toe Ripped Off During Jiu-Jitsu Class

Dude Nearly Gets Toe Ripped Off Doing Jiu-Jitsu – Watch more Funny Videos

Considering the plethora of horrific injuries we have witnessed in MMA over the years from Corey Hill‘s grisly broken leg to Marcus Davis‘ Sloth-like hematoma, until today we were pretty sure we had seen just about the worst injuries possible. Then someone sent us a link to this cringeworthy video of a guy who nearly got his toe ripped off while training jiu-jitsu and we changed our minds.

If you pass out at the sight of blood and projectile vomit whenever your significant other ropes you into watching an amateur cyst dissection, then you might not want to click the play button. 

On the bright side, at least it didn’t happen to us.


  1. Carl Sagan Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 03:17

    Holy shit, why isn't it spraying blood?
  2. RwilsonR Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 03:18

    Ugh... that looks awful! About as bad as Saku's ear. On another disgusting note, did anybody see that Thiago Alves' former strength and conditioning coach is claiming that Thiago had liposuction to make weight before his last fight? hXXp://
  3. Nut Puncher 9000 Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 03:26

    I can imagine the snap. Niiiiiice.
  4. Bob Reilly Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 03:36

    Corey Hill's was worse.
  5. RSparrow Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 03:43

    Tough? Or fucking retarded? And isn't that small joint manipulation... (illegal)
  6. Androiddrew Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 03:46

    That was TOEtally gross!
  7. RSparrow Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 03:46

    RWilson, I don't know man, the guy does walk around at like 195. But wouldn't we have seen some type of scars? And I'm sure there has to be some sort of recovery process. I call Bullocks. I'm American, just wanted to say that shit one day.
  8. GILL-uh-TEEN Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 04:12

    Kimbo would be proud.
  9. omunto Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 04:13

    Why the fuck would he do a toe hold to a white belt. What a dick... There's a reason they only do straight leg locks in low level competitions. That's just an irresponsible school. Bet they are doing neck cranks and calf slicers to their introductory members also...
  10. AndyInflammatory Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 04:25

    at least we now know where Pizza Hut get their 'chicken wings' from
  11. SnallTrippin Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 04:33

    Holy shit indeed..damn.
  12. RwilsonR Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 04:39

    @ RSparrow - yeah, I'm not sure I buy it either. But weight is a huge issue for him. And I think it is "bollocks", but I'm American, too, so it could just be the blind leading the blind on that one. To confirm, I'll have to stay awake the next time my wife forces me to watch some fucking Hugh Grant movie. Not looking forward to that.
  13. RSparrow Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 04:48

    Alright, lets just stick with that we know... BULLSHIT Never been a big fan of those cocky bastards anyways... I think I jizzed a little when Hendo almost put Bispings head in the third row. Wait, what...
  14. AndyInflammatory Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 05:17

    its bollocks. Its the dogs bollocks - it's good It's bollocks - it's bad Bollocks - Bullshit He's walkin' round here loik e's the dogs bollocks loik, but its aw bollocks innit. u wot? you're 'avin a LARF, mate.
  15. DARKHORSE06 Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 05:32

  16. k-onda Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 06:05

    I did the exact same thing to my finger in football, I didn't even feel it until the next day. The funniest part was going to the doctor, and seeing the male asian nurse turn green and leave the room in a hurry. Also, about the blood spraying - not a drop came out of my finger until the doctor popped it back into joint, at which point it started shooting all over the place.
  17. RwilsonR Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 07:00

    Thanks for clearing that up Andy. Now I don't have to sit through Notting Hill just to confirm the lingo. Almost as versatile as the word 'fuck.'
  18. the silver hawaiian Says:

    Fri, 01/07/11 - 08:04

    I'm late to the party, and the video's been removed due to its "violation of YouTube's policy on shocking and disgusting content." Who knew YouTube had standards - they allowed this horseshit: hxxp:// Anyone know where else I can watch the digit removal?
  19. KINGMADE Says:

    Sat, 01/08/11 - 01:59

    if someone gets their hands on it put it on liveleak dot com. It will stay up there.
  20. NomadRip Says:

    Sat, 01/08/11 - 07:24

    I saw a toe that looked like that during a fight in Vegas sometime in about 2002. It wasn't ripped open like that that we could tell in the room. It looked like the other guy stepped on his big toe and the guy yanked it away real fast. Looked like there was nothing but skin at the base of the toe, with all the toe parts otherwise in a separate ball dangling off of that. Ken Shamrock was cornering someone there. Another fight ended abruptly when in the middle of the ring, they were clinching. One guy kind of tried a body throw, the other guy hardly got lifted off the ground. Almost like picking him up with an over/under bodylock, raising him only about a foot off the ground, and straight up. Brought him right back down on his feet, but his leg snapped as it hit the ground at an slightly odd angle. It was a bizarre night of injuries. I can't remember the name of the event. It was a show by John Lewis at the Joint in the Hard Rock. I was there to see Kit Cope fight because we both worked at the same place then (no, I don't know Gina Carano). Met Mask that night. Only vaguely knew he was the TapOut guy, but he was nice. He saw the chick I was with when she came back with my drink, and palmed me a TapOut condom. Introduced me to the Sherdog guy when he came back with Mask's drink and I pretended like I knew what that was back then. I need to stop posting random tangential posts right after I wake up...
  21. WalksInTheDarkness Says:

    Sat, 01/08/11 - 08:59

    I managed to find the vid on facebook: hxxp://¬if_t=video_comment I've seen much worse on youtube, mostly just people breaking stuff. I kind of expected a bit more. I still think Corey Hill and Jose Landi-Jons still have the worst on camera injuries!
  22. Wyatt Says:

    Sat, 01/08/11 - 12:44

    I love people that disfigure themselves to prove they are tough. I remember when not losing, not getting cauliflower ear, not having a f*cked up nose, and not getting your fingers or toes ripped off was the tough guy thing to do. I must be getting old...although still in tact, but old.
  23. urlman cow Says:

    Tue, 04/08/14 - 11:45

    The Birch of the Shadow... I feel there may perhaps be a couple duplicates, but an exceedingly useful checklist! I have tweeted this. Many thanks for sharing!...

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