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Vote or Die: Which British Ring Girl Should the UFC Hire for ‘TUF: Australia vs. UK’?

(Won’t you help provide a much-needed UFC ring girl uniform to an impoverished model like Georgia?)

According to a recent post on, the UFC is looking to hire a “British beauty” to be their new Octagon Girl, starting with a recurring appearance on The Ultimate Fighter Australia vs. UK – The Smashes. The new Octagon Girl could potentially go on to work at live UFC events in the U.K. and even internationally.

To fill the vacancy, there will be an open casting session this Friday, June 15th, at the Hilton Hotel on Edgware Road in London, beginning at 11 a.m. Applicants must be “aged 18-30, athletic and fit, pretty and photogenic, articulate and able to speak on camera, and have previous modelling experience.”

The U.K. arguably has the highest concentration of bomb-ass MMA ring girls per capita than any other country in the world, which means the competition on Friday will be fierce and possibly bloody. So who is most deserving of the gig? We’ve nominated our nine favorite British MMA ring girls after the jump; revisit their past work by clicking their names and photos, and vote for your favorite on our Facebook page. We’ll pass along the results to the UFC, who will most likely tell us to go fuck ourselves. But who knows — maybe your opinion can make a difference.

On to the wimmins…

Hayley Sams

Georgia Graham

Brandy Brewer

Zoe James

Poppy Thompson

Rhian Sugden

Abbie Goodwin

Amii Grove


  1. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 06/11/12 - 12:04

    I voted for Pippa Middleton.
  2. norwegiandemon Says:

    Mon, 06/11/12 - 12:49

    Abbie Goodwin has a fivehead. Just sayin'...
  3. Qlay Says:

    Mon, 06/11/12 - 03:00

    Georgia or Rhian imo
  4. RwilsonR Says:

    Mon, 06/11/12 - 03:21

  5. Patrick Says:

    Mon, 06/11/12 - 03:36

    Georgia or Zoe.
  6. intercept440 Says:

    Mon, 06/11/12 - 09:32

    the nekkid one
  7. 4th and Schlong Says:

    Mon, 06/11/12 - 10:51

    Stacey! Locker room pick seals the deal. Zoe wins also.
  8. Tubuku Pat Says:

    Tue, 06/12/12 - 05:01

    Maybe its the lighting, but it looks like Sams got a semi
  9. agentsmith Says:

    Tue, 06/12/12 - 06:30

    Rhian Sugden. Get the rest of these swamp-donkeys outta here, RHIAN SUGDEN ALL DAY!
  10. deuce02 Says:

    Tue, 06/12/12 - 12:40

    Georgia Graham FTW.
  11. ripyourfuckingheadoff Says:

    Tue, 06/12/12 - 08:06

    All their bodies are redonkulous so best faces go to haley sams and brandy brewer
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  15. hefalimp cardijon Says:

    Mon, 07/28/14 - 01:54

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