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Waachiim Spiritwolf May Have the Greatest Tattoo in All of MMA

(Props: Strikeforce. For a larger version, go here.)

Junie Browning has a grenade tattooed on his hand because he could go off at any time. War Machine has an anarchy symbol on his hand because fuck a government. Waachiim Spiritwolf has a bear’s head tattooed on his hand because he’s a Native American warrior with excellent taste in body art. Marius Zaromskis is a strong favorite in their meeting at Strikeforce Challengers tonight — but you should never count out a man whose power-hand embodies the soul of an angry grizzly. That’s all I’m saying.


  1. ReX13 Says:

    Fri, 11/19/10 - 05:27

    War Spiritwolf.  Seriously, dude is awesome fun to watch.
  2. Smitty Says:

    Fri, 11/19/10 - 06:40

    That is some dope ass ink, but why is the chick in the background staring at me???
  3. anderson wanderlei paulo thiago alves silva Says:

    Fri, 11/19/10 - 06:41

    fitch got huge
  4. agentsmith Says:

    Fri, 11/19/10 - 07:18

    Spiritwolf's last fight against Billy Evangelista was pretty sweet... he's the Leonard Garcia of Strikeforce. This will also be his sixth fight in 2010.
  5. landOencagement Says:

    Fri, 11/19/10 - 07:20

    In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here's hoping the Whitmare takes a walk in the spirit world.
  6. Goog Says:

    Fri, 11/19/10 - 07:26

    Which one is Spiritwolf?
  7. Fried Taco Says:

    Fri, 11/19/10 - 07:48

    I have a giant penis tattooed on my hand. On the palm.
  8. LOKI Says:

    Fri, 11/19/10 - 08:07

    Too bad Zaromskis has a tattoo of small pox and fire-water on his shins.
  9. RwilsonR Says:

    Fri, 11/19/10 - 08:22

    I bet Dane Sayers feels pretty inauthentic right now. Dane went with the mohawk, but Spiritwolf totally out-Indian'ed him with both his name and his tattoo.
  10. MuAy ThAi MaTT Says:

    Fri, 11/19/10 - 08:29

    once Spiritwolf takes him down, he's gonna be droping those tomahawks on Marius' head... TKO round 1 WAR Spiritwolf!!!!
  11. HaidaNation Says:

    Fri, 11/19/10 - 08:34

  12. HaidaNation Says:

    Fri, 11/19/10 - 08:37

    @LOKI- Good stupid fuck.
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  14. Alla Cuffie Says:

    Fri, 12/20/13 - 04:27

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