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Wait Until You Hear What Nate Diaz Said About Dana White [UPDATED]

(Does this look like the face of guy who would duck a fight? / Photo via Getty.)

Remember when the UFC showed they could still book great matches when they paired off Khabib Nurmagomedov and Gilbert Melendez? And remember how they canceled that fight for no reason?

The UFC apparently had other plans for Nurmagomedov—the kind that involved a fight against Nate Diaz. According to Dana White, Diaz wanted none of it.

Needless to say, Diaz wasn’t happy with White’s words. He rushed to twitter to protect his Stockton street-cred.

We all probably think our bosses are full of shit to some extent, but saying it in public isn’t the smartest idea. Nate might be accompanying Nick at the welfare office sooner rather than later. However, knowing Dana White, it’s possible that he’s making the whole thing up. Maybe Nate will pull the “I don’t have a manager” card like his brother did late last year? There’s a lot of uncertainty and speculation around the issue. The only sure thing is that Khabib Nurmagomedov still not fighting a legit top-10 opponent sucks. He’s 21-0 and just came off a dominant unanimous decision win over Pat Healy. He needs to fight a top guy at this point or else he’s just wasting his time. But if Dana White is telling the truth, fighters are avoiding Nurmagomedov like thugs avoid bodyguard Ken Shamrock.

He’ll continue to sit on the sidelines for now. We’ll have more updates as we get them.

UPDATE: Nate Diaz’s manager Mike Kogan claims that the fight not coming to fruition is the UFC’s fault. “There are conditions that we asked for that were turned down by the UFC, so the fight didn’t happen,” he told MMAmania. Diaz himself, however, adopted a less diplomatic stance…


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