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Wanderlei Silva to Appeal Lifetime Ban Handed Down By “Kangaroo Court” NSAC

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As we’ve mentioned before, Wanderlei Silva has been hopelessly trapped in a world of delusion ever since skipping out on his random pre-fight drug test prior to UFC 175. And although he announced his retirement from the sport prior to yesterday’s NSAC meeting wherein he was handed a lifetime ban/$70,000 fine – a meeting that he didn’t even bother attending, mind you – it appears that Silva will forge ahead in his near impossible quest for redemption. The horror, the horror.

Moments after Silva was handed his punishment, Josh Gross reported that Silva would in fact be repealing the verdict within 30 days through attorney Ross Goodman, who referred to the NSAC as a “kangaroo court” (presumably before dropping the mic and peacing out that bitch). Goodman’s assessment was not entirely ungrounded, as Chuck Mindenhall pointed out in his hilarious write-up of yesterday’s proceedings.

And now, Silva is attempting to rally support from what few fans he has left via the social medias, recently sending out a series of tweets that translated to (via BloodyElbow):

Thank you my friends, you got the power and you give it for whoever you want. Thank you very much for everything. And for you that desire my fall, come to me, the war is only in the beginning you sons of bitches. You’re going to see that we rule this shit. Bunch of fops.

I’ll give Wanderlei this, the man has a surprisingly diverse vocabulary for a guy who spends the majority of his free time shooting black-and-white vlogs set to bro rock in his basement.

Silva also attempted to rally his fans with the image above, which came with a slightly less nuanced call to arms.

No way! My fans no body take, thanks my guys! Doesn’t matter, we’re too many. We’re going to show our strength. You want a brawl, come to me and you’ll have, motherfuckers!!!!

I’m not sure what Wanderlei’s hoping to accomplish here, as a repeal seems all but impossible in light of the circumstances, but dammit, there’s just something about the NSAC’s skull-shattering incompetence and inconsistency that makes me want to see Wandy bring it all crumbling down. Something’s definitely wrong with me.

We’ll keep you updated as Wanderlei’s war with NSAC wages on, but for now, let’s just all gather round the fire, break out the acoustic guitar, and remember the good times.

I will remember you,
Will you remember me?
Don’t let your liiiiiiiiife pass you by,
Weep not for the memories….

-J. Jones

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