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Want to Buy Tickets to UFC 115? Too Bad, A**hole!!

(The UFC returns to Canada, with a title on the line. Specifically, the title of "Saddest Former Champion.")

UFC fans have responded to the news of UFC 115′s headliner switch with a collective "WHOFREAKIN’CARESGIMMEGIMMEGIMME!" According to a recent update on, their June 12th event at General Motors Place in Vancouver sold out just 30 minutes after the pre-sale began yesterday morning, officially making UFC 115 the fastest sellout in UFC history. The sellout happened long before seats were made available to the general public, so if you’re an average non-Fight Club member, it’s time to get scalped.

On the topic of his new opponent Rich Franklin, Chuck Liddell said pretty much what you’d think he’d say, telling “I’m ready for this fight, I’m in the best shape of my life, and I can’t wait to get back in the Octagon. I can’t tell the fans what happens in the Ultimate Fighter 11, you have to watch the show, but I’ll tell you how this is gonna end, I’m knocking Rich out.” Franklin is coming off his TKO loss against Vitor Belfort in September, while Liddell is riding back-to-back knockout losses at the hands of Rashad Evans and Mauricio Rua. Against Rich Franklin, Chuck will be in more danger to suffer his third straight KO than he’d ever be against Tito Ortiz. But I think I’ve learned my lesson about counting guys out completely.

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Columbus ticket broker- February 10, 2011 at 10:45 pm
I have already look fight i link this fight Vancouver that is rellay fight and simplae buy ticket event canada. So online ticket broker Columbus and Fan Clubs or any other primary ticketing source.
Charming Charlie- April 15, 2010 at 4:12 am
I have a buddy who lives in Vancouver, and strangely due to the UFC and Olympics, all of our conversations in the last two months have featured scalping.
JCVD as Timecop- April 14, 2010 at 4:43 pm
Legal age used to be 14 here (BC) too, but they changed it to 16..
bitteralex- April 14, 2010 at 4:35 pm
ugh... the ufc really needs to do something about the ticket brokers.. this is rediculous... i very much doubt there is say 10,000 people in the vancouver area that are members of the fight club and all bought tickets 30 mins of their release...

the sellout would be great.. if it was just the fans that bought them
AussieJosh- April 14, 2010 at 4:16 pm
Nice sell out Vancouver!
2phresh- April 14, 2010 at 3:51 pm
so i wont be able to watch this live after all... thank you scalpers
side.check.kick- April 14, 2010 at 2:21 pm
If this fight does not finish with a career ending knockout then fuck it! Oh, and Tito is a little school boy bitch...
steampunk22- April 14, 2010 at 11:37 am
I used to live in Vancouver, and if there is one thing vancouver people know how to do its sellout.

El Guapo- April 14, 2010 at 10:57 am
Yeeaahhhh, I too, hate ticket scalpers. Actually, I hate ticket "brokers", who are basically legalized scalpers that pay the gov a lil sum to let them do what they do best- rip people off by cheating the system, gobbling up all the tickets, and charging 3 or 4 times face value. The guys in the parking lot selling a seat for twenty, thirty bucks more... Not trippin on them.

My question is this... how old is Chuck in metric years? Twenty five or something?? I don't get how THIS event could sell out in record time. Oh, Canada... Only good thing that may come out of this, maybe those f'kn brokers bought them all and will either be stuck with them or have to sell them for cheap!
maclaren- April 14, 2010 at 10:50 am
I just managed to buy a ticket like 17 minutes ago. Man people are just eating this event up, love Canada. They could change the main event to Anderson Silva vs Demian Maia and people would still be pumped for this.
Seoul Brother- April 14, 2010 at 9:31 am
@Bunk: Holy No, Batman!
Bunk- April 14, 2010 at 9:20 am
UFC 115

Liddell vs. 2 Face

Live from Comic Con

Howie214- April 14, 2010 at 9:16 am
@rex13 another classic "punchface" is the legendary rocky marciano vs. jersey joe walcott. walcott was winning late on all 3 scorecards and was about to hand marciano his only loss when "rocky" landed his (wrecking ball) right hand! ck it out!
maclaren- April 14, 2010 at 8:44 am
fucking scalpers, there's seriously like 40 people selling 8-12 tickets just in the Victoria BC region.

I want them dead.
DangadaDang- April 14, 2010 at 8:36 am
Harsh caption CP
Crap Factory- April 14, 2010 at 8:26 am
That punch was so hard it damn near knocked his eyebrow right off.
NOTSOB- April 14, 2010 at 8:22 am
legal age for sex is 14 in montreal fufufuuffu!
cecils_pupils- April 14, 2010 at 8:06 am
@Japanadian - damn, prostitutions not legal in BC?... really?
Then why did that lady cop give me a blowjob for a mere $100 canadian?

Breakin' the law breakin' the law...
Japanadian- April 14, 2010 at 7:55 am
Pretty bad card for fastest sellout, i guess scalpers are ambitious. I wish scalpers got fined excessively for each ticket. @cecils_pupils prostitution is ILLEGAL in vancouver and the rest of canada, don't know where you heard it wasn't (the ho might not get sent to jail but you will). However weed you can probably just ask for it outloud downtown.
Squirrelnuts- April 14, 2010 at 7:49 am
that's not a punchface. That's a Sylvester Stallone impersonation into an invisble microphone.
ReX13- April 14, 2010 at 7:46 am
Daaaaaaaaaamn--that is THE most epic punch face ever in the history of punchfaces.

cecils_pupils- April 14, 2010 at 7:39 am
Vancouver: legal prostitution, easy access to herb, and UFC? No wonder it sold out so damn fast.