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Waste Away Your Friday Listening to The Bum Rush Radio Show Episode 10


It’s Friday. You ain’t got no job and you ain’t got shit to do so CP’s gonna get you your MMA radio fix.

If you didn’t listen in during the taping of the interactive portion of the show Wednesday, it’s incredibly professionally done and we had at least 5000 listeners and a line-up of callers we had to turn away because we ran out of time. 

If you did listen, come on guys, it wasn’t that bad was it? Give it another listen. We promise we fixed everything in the mix.

One thing you didn’t hear on Wednesday was an exclusive interview we did with Jorge Rivera for this episode in which the UFC middleweight basically calls Chad an idiot for saying that a fighter doesn’t have to be exciting as long as he wins.

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If you aren’t into supporting corporate monopolies like Apple, you can download the episode HERE.

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agentsmith- November 12, 2010 at 12:23 pm
Saying that fans of other sports don't criticize teams for playing "boring" is false... I've personally heard such comments about more than one sport on multiple occasions. Yes it happens much more often with MMA, but there's reasons for that.

I can't think of a single other sport (besides other combat sports like boxing) where it's even possible to finish the match before the specified length. Other sports are REQUIRED to last for a certain minimum time, number of "sets" or "frames", etc. Obviously that's not the case in MMA, and the fact that there's multiple ways to finish the fight early is what puts a certain amount of expectation on the fighters that they should make at least some attempt to do so. That's also why there's more of an expectation for finishing in MMA than in boxing. When someone makes no attempt to finish and just rides it out to a decision, that basically says that they either lack the ability to finish, or they're playing it safe, or both.

And even in other sports, playing it safe gets criticized. If a basketball or hockey or football team scored once and then just played uber-defense for the entire rest of the game and ran out the clock, you think they wouldn't catch shit for it? You better believe they would.

It's a chickenshit way to play or fight, and it deserves to be shat upon.
KarmaAteMyCat- November 12, 2010 at 10:33 am
First !