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Watch the Pilot Episode of Luke Cummo’s Web Series “Dino & Digger”

Luke Cummo, former UFC fighter and passionate advocate against MMA, has returned to YouTube.

You might recall that we heard of Cummo, he was making crazy videos of himself chanting “Uh huh, Optimus. Uh huh, Optimus” over and over again as if he were trying to summon the famed Autobot into our world. Then the videos took a darker turn as the police started pursuing him for allegedly sending his wife threatening emails.

All that nastiness seems to be over now, however. Cummo is back to making head-scratching videos. A perfect example: The above video, a pilot episode of a series seemingly invented by Cummo. It stars a dinosaur named “Mega” and a bulldozer/transformer named “Z-tech.” The duo protects future world leaders kind of like how the Terminator protects John Connor on Terminator 2.

Here’s another episode of the show:

Clearly, the best part about these videos is Cummo’s garb: Golden football shoulder pads and an Optimus prime mask.

He’s uploaded hundreds of videos since he went off YouTube late last year. He’s still continuing with his League of Champions promotion–a league that’s based on “sparring” as opposed to “fighting,” according to his numerous videos about it. To be honest, that’s not a terrible idea in an age where society is growing more conscious of brain damaged sustained by athletes. Unfortunately, Cummo’s execution of his ideas seem a little, well, too Luke Cummo. Also: he calls himself “Master Lukey Optimus Red Owl Cummo” now. Quite a nickname.

We’ll leave you with a video that perhaps has the most epic intro of any on his channel (which you suggest you check out, by the way, some of his rants make good points):

(Fast forward to 1:30 for his incredible entrance; and yes he’s still calling out Joe Rogan and even called out GSP.)

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