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Wednesday MMA Link Club: Akira Didn’t Tap, Askren Disses Hieron, and UFC 137 Preview Potpourri

(Damn, Stitch, aren’t you supposed to stay neutral? Props: Me, five minutes ago.)

This week’s featured stories…

- Akira Corassani: Behind The Screen (Exclusive Interview) (LowKick)
“When you end up in a heel hook, you know that you have two options: it’s tap or your knee will snap, or your MCL, ACL will be out and maybe your career will be on ice…But, this grip was not in. It wasn’t a good heel-hook. You can see the technique also, his legs were all on the wrong side of my body. So, he was holding my ankle and he was going 100% to yank it and I was like, ‘Holy S—!’ So, I raised my hand, I was going to tap. Then, I don’t feel it. I don’t feel it, so why am I going to tap? If you see the other camera angles I posted on my website, you see clearly that I raised my hand and then I take his leg and shove it to the side to escape. Then he slips, my heel pops out and I’m out. That’s it…I didn’t tap, I continued fighting and I won the fight.”

- Funky Town: Bellator Welterweight Champion Ben Askren Says He’ll ‘Maul Jay Hieron‘ (MMA Mania)
“Yeah he was a national champion in junior college but Jay [Hieron] is significantly overrating his wrestling ability. What you have to realize is that people who win national junior college tournaments, I pin them in 30 seconds. That’s no big deal. I mean, even at the highest, highest level at the NCAA tournament my senior year, in five matches I probably got 40 takedowns and that’s against the best of the best of the best guys in the United States in wrestling and Jay was never on that level”

- ‘Raw Combat’ Author Jim Genia Discusses the NY Underground MMA Scene (The Fight Nerd)
“New York doesn’t allow MMA right now, so fighters have to go to New Jersey to fight where it’s sanctioned or they have to go underground in New York city…but the book isn’t just about the underground fight scene in New York, it’s also about the development of sanctioned MMA in the east coast…In New Jersey, there was a show called BAMA Fight Night run by Big Dan Miragliotta. His show was the only show for the longest time, there weren’t sanctioned events in the North East, so Big Dan would hold these shows and people like Matt Serra, Nick Serra, Phil Baroni, they had their first fights at these events.”

And some other great stuff…

- ‘The Ultimate Show’ Previews UFC 137; More Proof That Kenda Perez Is the Hottest Host on the Entire Internet (BleacherReport/MMA)

The Cut List: Who’s in Desperate Need of a Win at UFC 137? (MMA Fighting)

- “UFC Primetime” Airs Sunday on FOX (5th Round)

Looks Like the UFC Is Going to Stockholm, Sweden Next Year (MiddleEasy)

Penn Is Mighty, But What’s the Point? (NBC Sports MMA)

Dave Meltzer: Piracy Is a Major Factor in Why UFC PPV Buy Rates Are Declining (Fight Opinion)

- Cheick Kongo: “I Came Here to Win and I Will Win. I’m Going to Knock Him Out” (Five Ounces of Pain)

- The Kick You Never Saw Coming (MMA Convert)

- UFC Goes 3D in 2012 (MMA Payout)


  1. USMCOgre Says:

    Wed, 10/26/11 - 12:36

    Akira is a douche bag. A lying, tapping douche bag.
  2. Irishwolfhound491 Says:

    Wed, 10/26/11 - 02:01

    gee the guy who tapped says he didn't tap? Shocker. Even if he didn't have the "proper technique" you see him yell and touch Neace's leg twice in rapid succession. captcha: terdship front.
  3. Austin3210 Says:

    Wed, 10/26/11 - 02:33

    Love how Akira is citing the video that everyone saw him tap in as his proof for not tapping. . Piracy is a major factor in why PPV fights are declining? How about oversaturation? Don't get me wrong, I love all the UFC events, but of course PPV events are going to see a decline in sales once you pump so many out. People can only afford so much. The funny thing is that in the article it even says that injuries and an increased number of events are what lead to piracy. Then piracy isn't the factor...
  4. Fried Taco Says:

    Wed, 10/26/11 - 02:54

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    Wed, 10/26/11 - 08:29

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