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(Jake Salyer of Tulsa, Oklahoma, manages to pull off a double-armbar submission in his MMA debut. The Diet Butcher would be proud. Props: GorillaTacticsMMA via ‘Okwiseguy’)

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- Lorenzo Fertitta: I Would Love to Do Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson at UFC on FOX (MMA Mania)

- Cain Velasquez Talks UFC 139 Title Fight, Jon Jones, Alistair Overeem, and Being a Father (

- Going Streaking: Anderson Silva’s Record UFC Run on the Line at UFC 134 (NBC Sports MMA)

- Phil Baroni: Nobody Dry Humps the New York Bad Ass and Gets Away With It! (Exclusive Interview) (LowKick)

- ‘MiddleEasy/Whoa! TV Gym Expeditions’ Visits Birmingham, England (MiddleEasy)

- Felice Herrig on This Weekend’s Cancelled Fight and State of Women’s MMA (TheFightNerd)

- Royce Gracie Wants One More UFC Fight, but Ready to Move on Without It (MMA Fighting)

- “Strikeforce HW GP Semifinals” Official Trailer (5thRound)

- Josh Neer Headed Back to the UFC Against Keith Wisniewski in October (Five Ounces of Pain)

- “(UFC) Is the Only Sports Property That Is Pure and Works Literally Around the Entire World.” (FightOpinion)

- UFC Hopes to Be in Pre-Production on Australian Version of The Ultimate Fighter by the End of the Year (MMA Convert)

- FOX Deal May Be Just What New York Needs (MMA Payout)

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XENOPHON- August 24, 2011 at 6:35 pm
Gracie(14-3-3) age 44 vs. Rutten(16-2) age 46
XENOPHON- August 24, 2011 at 6:30 pm
ON Fertitta - cut to the chase and forget Henderson, let's see Anderson Silva and Jon Jones! Also, it sounds like Jay Glazer from FOX will replace the Joe Rogan. On the other hand, since Rogan is Viacom property he may soon take over the lead for Bellator.
ON Cain Velasquez
- we may find that after his run in with JDS, he becomes a one hit wonder. Rheem may just be his second fight. As for the Mexican roots, it's time for Cain to realize he is American. Sporting his Brown Pride roots is the equivalent of Bas Rutten stepping inside the ring wearing orange speedos and wooden shoes.
ON Anderson's run
- Okami is a waste of time. Sonnen is the only competition people want to see Anderson fight at that weight class. Stop with the fluff fights, lets see a rematch with Sonnen. If Sonned fails a second time, fire his ass.
ON UFC in New York
- to disenfranchise Bob Rielly some one at FOX needs to wise up and make sure a limo picks up Governor Cuomo and his entire staff for the next UFC event in New Jersey. UFC would be turned on in the Big Apple in no time.
ON UFC in Australia
- The Bashes, sounds like a B-League full of Gashes. That is a money loser out of the gate. The show will be produced in Las Vegas, but supplied via FOX to the Gold Coast. Fucking Weak Sauce.
ON UFC being the only sports property, NOT
- Sure the FOX deal provides service to 100 million viewers. Has anyone ever heard of ONE FC? They have to stood up a new fight organization that is already being broadcast into 500 million viewers. The CEO is Victor Cui, and he has 15 years promoting fights. His investors have deeper pockets than FOX. One Fighting Championships is all Asian, and combines both UFC and Pride rules! YEAH real fights.
ON Josh Neer
- Why not, he has won 6 of his last 7 fights.
ON Strikeforce HW GP Semifinals
- It's free. Biggest question, Gracie vs. “King Mo”?
ON Royce Gracie Wants One More UFC Fight
- Only person people want to see Royce fight is Bas Rutten. Gracie(14-3-3) age 44 vs. Rutten(16-2)
ON Felice Herrig
- Does that weave equate to some glowing head when the lights go out? On another note, Tim Sylvia looked like his fat ass is getting in shape.
ON Birmingham, England
- Whoa, Bad Boys. Get a new tunes for that viteo. GiGGLe GIggLE
ON Phil Baroni (keeping it real)
- "Being in the game for eleven years you’ve see it go through so many changes and it just constantly evolves. In your opinion what’s the biggest difference from being in the sport when you first started out to today in 2011?
The fighters and why they fight. Guys today see the UFC on TV and see the fame and fortune in it. There are good athletes who want to be famous and make money. When I fought back in the day it was about proving to yourself and everyone out there that you were a gladiator. That you were willing to get in a cage and fight not for the money, but for the respect from your peers and a hard core fan base. It wasn’t about fame or fortune back then. It was about respect and something inside you that made you want to test yourself in the rawest way possible."
Todd M- August 24, 2011 at 7:35 am
Whoa lots of news today CP, I hate to take page space away from the spambots but Heck Yes I would love to see Silva vs Hendo 2
Todd M- August 24, 2011 at 7:29 am
Also, I'm very excited that Neer is heading back to the UFC, he always brings it
Todd M- August 24, 2011 at 7:27 am
Sweet we're getting a TUF in OZ. The link mentioned G-Sot, Noke or Ebersole for coaches against an English Team. Ebersole would be a hard sell because he's not Australian, at least he wasn't born here, and George and Kyle are both coming off losses. I think George would be the best, he's the biggest name down here and he has a wealth of knowledge, he might have to notch up a win though to get people interested. We've got some great fighters down here especially in the welterweights and lightweights. Adrian Pang and Robert Whittaker are both guys I think could fight in the UFC, Can't Wait
ihateemo- August 24, 2011 at 6:38 am
Ridiculous. Eddie Bravo has a similar move - THE SORCEROR.
WK- August 24, 2011 at 6:01 am
What the f-
No way!