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#WeekofDanga Caption Contest: Win a Copy of “In the Blood” on DVD!

Many of you newer readers might not know that, long before I was ever a dumb shit douchebag writer hack here, I was just a dumb shit douchebag commenter. You know, in the pre-Facebook times. The long-long ago, as it’s called. In any case, one of my favorite features of the ‘Tato back in the day was their/our caption contests, which have waned off a bit in recent years. So, being that this is the soon-to-be celebrated annually #WeekofDanga, I figured that I might as well revive an old relic as a way to give back to you, our fiercely-loyal-except-when-you-aren’t readers.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to offer in the way of MMA memorabilia. I do, however, have an extra copy of In the Blood (read our review here) on DVD collecting dust in my room. It’s still in the plastic and everything. So if it’s a physical copy of the movie in which Gina Carano has her underwear ripped off while handcuffed that you’re seeking, join me after the jump to find out how you can win one fo’ free.

Yep, that’s TUF 1 winner and former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin looking…fit, while hanging out backstage at a UFC charity event yesterday. The photo was snapped by none other than fellow TUFer/former light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans, along with the caption:

I’m so excited for the return of Forrest Griffin! He looked ripped at the pre,pre, pre weigh-ins today! His abs were so defined!

Not bad, Suga, but I think you Taters can do better. Caption this photo however you see fit, using as many attempts at humor as you can, and I’ll select a winner for the In the Blood DVD on Monday. But again, this is the #WeekofDanga, so feel free to be as brutal and/or dark with your captions as humanly possible. And if our comment section goes down, tweet your captions at either CagePotato or myself with the hashtag #WeekofDanga.

Have I not mentioned that it’s the #WeekofDanga yet? Because it’s kind of a big deal. Good luck, you guys!

-J. Jones

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