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#WeekofDanga Reader Request: Six Five MMA Ref Blooper Reels

*In best Casey Kasem (R.I.P) voice*

Our first request comes from CP reader anand, who writes “This guy has made hilarious blooper reels for 6 popular MMA refs. I’ve only come across like 1 or 2 of them on MMA media. Go thru them …you might want to add them in any article on Bad MMA reffing…and adding the 30 minute Bad reffing video compilation would be the icing on the cake (I’ve attached a link to that too)”

Well anand, today is your lucky day. But being that we’ve already devoted articles to the Kim Winslow and the 30-minute bad stoppages supercuts, we can only highlight five MMA refs today in good conscience. So check out the lowlight reels of everyone from Herb Dean (yay!) to Cecil Peoples (BOO!!) after the jump, courtesy of Youtube user The Montage King. If you have any similar videos/news items/article ideas that you feel should be featured on CP this week, give us a shout at or via either our Twitter or my personal Twitter with the hashtag #WeekofDanga.

Steve Mazzagatti

Herb Dean

Yves Lavigne

Cecil Peoples

-J. Jones


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