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Well Hello, Beautiful

Joe Rogan post-op
(Did he have ‘crazy eye’ surgery, too?)

Joe Rogan posted photos on Twitter to show how he’s recovering from surgery to fix a deviated septum, and we haven’t been this terrified since we saw "Leprechaun 2: Back to Tha Hood."  Usually when someone with a career in broadcasting or television who lives in L.A. has surgery for a deviated septum, it’s code for nose job.  Kind of like how being hospitalized for "exhaustion" means you crashed at the end of a coke bender.  But in Rogan’s case we’re inclined to believe that he really did go in to fix years of broken noses, and not because his agent told him all that was standing between him and a recurring role on "Gossip Girl" was that monster schnoz. 

Of course we have to ask, is it really a great idea to have nose surgery a little over a week out from UFC 100, which is probably going to involve some TV time for old Joe?  Maybe it’s just a ploy to distract people from Mike Goldberg’s unnaturally white teeth.  That dude’s beauty regimen is just a little too intense.


  1. ktfo Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 10:48

    hang in there joe, you will be snortin lines again in no time.
  2. Danxxx Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 10:49

  3. Geriatric Peon Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 10:58

    Honestly I think this would have been a better photo for the caption contest.
  4. Fucklord Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 11:01

    Joe hopes the surgery will increase his bong rip capacity by 20 or 30%
  5. 831 Son Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 11:08

    Agreed Geriatric Peon. The Fabio one sucks no one wants to make a caption of that shit. Joe Rogan is a savage.
  6. XitUp Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 11:28

    It's not Leprechaun 2: Back To Tha Hood. It's Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood. It's the 6th in the series. /pedant
  7. Mindfu Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 12:09

    What XitUP That's exactly what I wanted to login and say :o) ...the 2nd Leprechaun was actually pretty decent (2nd or 3rd one was in Vegas - best of the bunch IMHO).
  8. Dubbayoo Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 12:10

    CP - I hear ya on Goldberg's teeth. It's even crazier in high-def. High-def w/ Goldberg on screen also shows us that Rogan doesn't take any makeup.
  9. MMAMoneyLine Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 01:09

    Did you ever notice when Mike Goldberg smiles, he lookes like a South Park character. The little, white, upside down triangle smile is exact!
  10. Dana White Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 01:11

    what a fag.
  11. Clyde Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 01:51

    Back 2 da hood is one of the worst films of all time. Leprechaun in space was marginally better.
  12. 4inch4skin Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 02:27

    Joe Rogan killed my boner.
  13. NECROPHYTE Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 02:35

    Nah , I don't think Joe Rogan is a coke head, he's into psychedelics!
  14. 831 Son Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 02:58

    And dank.
  15. NECROPHYTE Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 03:20

    Yep and beautiful dank...
  16. Seoul Brother Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 05:45

    I didn't know Michael Jackson bequeathed his nose to Joe Rogan.
  17. JiMMA Says:

    Wed, 07/01/09 - 08:42

  18. ChiefOfStaph Says:

    Thu, 07/02/09 - 01:48

    so true about the teeth. i was getting blinded from the reflection during the TUF finale
  19. olyhighgerl2007 Says:

    Fri, 07/03/09 - 12:29

    Joe looks sooo crazy! Maybe them meds he is taking for the pain is making him look crazy! But his "tweets" are sometimes really funny!
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