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What A Conor McGregor Win At UFC 205 Really Means

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The time has finally come. The UFC makes its debut in the Big Apple and from the feel of things the atmosphere is absolutely palpable. Any and everyone who is an MMA fan in NYC seems poised for historic turn of events come Saturday night. Things won’t ever be the same again, particularly for fans and fighters in New York. But besides the event itself, the fact that Conor McGregor has the chance to make history at UFC 205 feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Just a few years back I saw my first Conor McGregor fight. It was before he was in the UFC and was already the Cage Rage featherweight champion looking to add the lightweight belt to his collection. With some piston like left hands and a well timed cross counter, McGregor found himself with two championship belts to his name. It was a display that made me believe that the man could one day challenge the best of the best in the UFC.

Flash forward to 2015 and McGregor found himself opposite the great Jose Aldo, reigning UFC featherweight champion. Conor was the pick once again as he had in his several previous bouts but no one could have anticipated that McGregor would dethrone the dominant champ in thirteen seconds time. It made the anticipation for Conor McGregor’s next performance all the more exciting.

Could he truly replicate his performance in Cage Rage? Well, Nate Diaz was there to put doubts in everyone’s minds.

UFC 196 put the breaks on the Conor McGregor hype train but it wasn’t able to derail it. McGregor became obsessed with redemption simply because he knew that the only way to make his dream a reality, was to prove that he was still worthy of the accolades he received before his crushing defeat at the hands of Diaz. But though McGregor lost at UFC 196, his comeback win made you believe that the man truly had the heart and the skill to make his dream a reality.

Now as we close in on UFC 205 you can’t help but feel that we’re in tune for something very special come Saturday night. While Eddie Alvarez is no easy task to overcome, can you really imagine if McGregor gets the job done? As much as some people hate the guy, the one thing we all have to admit is that the man has sand, that grit that some individuals are just lacking. He sees the impossible as a challenge, one that should be faced and conquered rather than shied away from.

If Conor McGregor wins the lightweight belt on Saturday night it will be just one more example of why you a person should test their limits. It will be a blueprint to challenging the impossible, the unachievable. You’ll get up on Sunday morning and wonder “just what the hell am I doing with my life?” If you’re not challenging yourself then you just existing. A Conor McGregor win on Saturday could very well be the spark someone needs to fuel their own journey towards greatness. If the result has that kind of positive effect, then, with all due respect to Alvarez, it’s something I’m looking forward to seeing.

Does Conor McGregor get the job done at UFC 205?

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