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What Happens If CM Punk Actually Wins?

It’s been on my mind ever since this fight has been announced. For the most part fans and pundits alike have been saying that Phillip “CM Punk” Brooks probably won’t stand a chance at victory at UFC 203. Though Mickey Gall may not exactly be UFC caliber at this point of his career, you have to think that the guy is talented enough to get past an aging former pro wrestling superstar like CM Punk. The funny thing is the game that they’re playing isn’t so easy to suss out as a game of basketball or even boxing. In MMA any damn thing can happen. So what if Mr. Brooks actually wins?

The universe may implode.

The universe may explode.

Or, more likely than the above, nothing will have been proven at all.

At this point the whole CM Punk journey to the octagon has really been shaping up as nothing but an exhibition match. At most it’s a love letter to those who believe in taking opportunities and making the most of it. Life is too short to think back and regret the things you haven’t done. That’s the stance Phil Brooks is taking right now. But come Saturday he may be singing a different tune entirely.

From personal experience, getting a fist in the eye isn’t the most pleasant feeling in the world and likely CM Punk already understands what it’s like to deal with pain. The difference with this experience is the situation is all about kill or be killed. Though he did his due diligence and trained for two years in preparation for his UFC debut, the feeling of being in a pseudo life of death match against a human being looking to thrive off of your destruction is something that only a ton of experience will get you prepared for.

The other thing to consider is what would a win do for Roufus Sports? It would mean that they could take even the least knowledgeable individual who has never fought before and turn them into a legitimate competitor. Either that or prove the old adage of being unable to teach an old dog new tricks really is true. Coach Duke Roufus is banking on the former and with the amount of press this fight is getting, it could change the destiny of the Milwaukee based training facility.

So what the hell is to be done with a CM Punk victory? Does he come back and fight again? Does he call out Tyron Woodley and look for the title shot? God help us if that actually came to fruition. But looking back on the history of the sport, it wouldn’t be too farfetched a proposition.

How do you think CM Punk will fair at UFC 203?

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