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What The Hell Is Going On With UFC 205?

So UFC 205, the first major mixed martial arts event in the great state of New York, is right around the corner. Yet, with only a month and change until the event there still has been no fights booked. What? Not having fights booked six weeks out from an event is something that’s a rarity for a smaller promotion much less the biggest fight organization in MMA. The UFC has yet to get a main or co-main event slotted to entice the fans. For now everything is “in the works,” but at this point the UFC needs to get things set in stone.

So how would you go about doing that exactly? Well, you get some hard hitting, fan friendly, New York bred fighters to bolster your card with. Seems simple enough. Except not. Al Iaquinta, a fighter who fits all the above criteria that you’d want out of a fight to boost a New York card, brought to light that he refused to fight on the November card due to contract disputes. That means the UFC is willing to make sacrifices, holding true to their shrewd business tactics. But with no Chris Weidman, no Aljamain, an injured Gian Vilante, and no sign of Dennis Bermudez joining the UFC’s first card in NY, it seems like a bad business decision to have a card devoid of homegrown talent.

So just what the hell does the UFC plan to do about UFC 205? Sure, you could sell a fight at Madison Square Garden with some of the bigger names in the UFC, but if you want to really rake in the doe, wouldn’t you want to pack your card with local talent? Besides that, shouldn’t your fight card start to take shape from now in order for fighters to have proper fight camps? Whatever the UFC decides, it behooves them to push their foot on the gas, paid guys what they’re worth, move things around and make UFC 205 an event to remember. To have a New York fight card with no New Yorkers seems to be a complete waste.

What’s your thoughts on UFC 205?

Jonathan Salmon is a writer, martial arts instructor, and geek culture enthusiast. Check out his Twitter and Facebook to keep up with his antics.


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