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While You Weren’t Watching: Heun – Almeida Was Entertaining

Damn, Heun’s getting all misty-eyed. VidProps: Strikeforce

Conor Heun and Magno Almeida were on the HDNet undercard card, and they turned in a three round scrap highlighted by some aggressive (and effective) ground work. Both fighters attempted subs early and often, including an omoplata attempt and a toe hold in the first round. Sure, a guillotine is nice, but we’ll take the exotic submissions every time.

Almeida lost a unanimous decision, but he at least left Heun with something to think about, as one of Almeida’s twenty seven arm bar attempts (disclaimer: no, we didn’t count them) left Heun with a serious lack of functionality in his right arm for the next month or so.

Heun got back into the win column after two losses in a row (to KJ Noons and Jorge Gurgel), so he’s understandably stoked about the win. On the other hand, his arm is seriously effed up, so there’s all kinds of emotions and hormones and stuff going on in Huen’s brain; give him a pass if he seems a little emotional in that video.

Yes, “all kinds of emotions and hormones and stuff” is technical language.

Paging Dr Rogan for a consult, paging Dr Joe Rogan.”  PicProps: Ms Tracy Lee/CageWriter

Referee Leon Roberts falls prey to Heun’s Aikido badassery. GIFProps: IronForgesIron

Roberts gets his revenge by raising that right arm higher than was strictly necessary.  GIFProps: IronForgesIron

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munche- June 20, 2011 at 8:41 am
If I was Fabricio Werdum, and I saw this guy gut out a fight with a broken arm (and WIN!), and then realized I spent 15 minutes falling over and begging the other guy to take himself down, I would fucking quit MMA and hang myself.