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This Is Why Chuck Liddell Has Been Forcibly Retired, While Randy Couture Is Still Headlining UFC Events

Maybe that headline isn’t totally fair.  In truth, this type of hard-partying with Hollywood celebs is only part of the reason why Chuck Liddell’s career hit a fist-shaped wall in his late thirties, while Couture continues to thrive well into his mid-forties.  Some of it is due to differences in fighting style.  Some might even be due to genetics, or Couture’s obsession with finding the fountain of youth through blood-testing and supplements

But, you have to admit, at least some of it has to do with how these guys have chosen to spend their free time over the years.  While Chuck is getting fall-down drunk and picking fights frat boy-style outside of parties, Couture is getting his active rest in.  While Chuck is at bars, feeling too sexy for his shirt, Couture enjoys quiet evenings at home with his next future ex-wife.  Different philosophies at work, really.  We’re not here to say that one is better or worse than another, just that one is demonstrably better for career longevity if you fight other people for a living. 


  1. BigCountrysCholesterol Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 10:27

    Hesus Christo, the guy takes some Nyquill to combat H1N1 and suddenly the Potato makes him out to be a party animal who doesn't know when to stop. So cynical.
  2. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 10:31

    The sad part is, Chuck was probably sober throughout that clip.
  3. Merlin Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 10:32

    You're a STUD Chuck. Party On!
  4. virpz Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 10:42

    Looks like Chuck had a weekend in russia.
  5. Sakuraba3900 Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 10:47

    Damn... Homeboy knows how to get fucking down and party. who the fuck was that giant that reeled Chuck in.
  6. Sneaky Pete Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 10:51

    He's just showing that he can be knocked out by nearly anything these days. I think his chin brushed that girls purse and 'john McCarthy had to step in. Good stoppage John.
  7. BigCountrysCholesterol Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 11:11

    After this incident, chuck reportedly said, "I just got caught, what can I say."
  8. Walrus Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 11:21

    Stay up playa, stay up!
  9. ReDx Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 11:40

    I dunno, I think the stress from women will kill you faster than partying.
  10. 831 Son Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 11:41

    And why isnt CP even starting to talk about UFC 105 besides the Swick crap? Beats me..
  11. Dmonicideals Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 11:42

    I don't think it shoudl be illegal to assualt papparazzi. They aren't real media, so much as they are professional stalkers. They harass and assail you with cameras, yell questions that are just borderline offensive enough to get at you on a bad day, just for the sake of getting you on camera berating people who are clearing harassing you. They engage in car chases on LA freeways just to get pictures, with no regard for the peopel the are chasing or any other drivers. I'm glad Tyson freaked out on one, put me on that jury and he will be out by morning. I look forward to the day that Slutty Cyrus or Cokehead Lohan freaks out, drives into a crowd of papz, hops out of her crushed SUV, and mows down anyone standing with an AR15.
  12. Professor Choas Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 11:55

    Yea agree that couture is healthier but i also think if he tried to stand up and be a striker his whole career he would also talk like he has downs... you dont see wanderlei gettin blackout every weekend but he still gets pwnd now-adays
  13. GetUpAndKill Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 12:03

    The only good to things to come from the Papz are kooter shots and conspiracy footage. I wonder if the Bens have ever dabled in the nasty side of this biz?
  14. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 01:16

    You wonder if there are cooter shots of The Bens? *looks over shoulder* ...come with me.
  15. HeHateMe Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 01:19

    CP is kind of like TMZ or perez hilton...
  16. MachidaVsSilva Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 01:51

    LOL @ Kimbo's Bread.
  17. vengful1 Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 02:33

    Obviously the paparazzi try to get celebs riled up so they can catch them doing something stupid on camera(or get punched and sue the celeb) but messing with a drunk Chuck seems like a poor decision in life. You could end up in the basement of the hospital.
  18. LastEmperor Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 02:46

    Fuck Chuck. Wanderlei all day! I've never been a fan of this redneck.
  19. Komodo Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 03:31

    Fuck those pap vulture fuckers. They crowd you and get all in your face and then start crying "Oh you gonna' touch me? Gonna' break my camera?". They deserve every fucking black eye they get.
  20. RuffHouser Says:

    Thu, 11/12/09 - 04:35

    It should always be legal to punch a guy whos standing out in your driveway with a tv camera.
  21. kempo666 Says:

    Fri, 11/13/09 - 03:22

    I am pretty sure I heard John C. Riley in the mix somewhere...
  22. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sun, 12/01/13 - 08:33

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  23. mark mania Says:

    Wed, 12/04/13 - 05:38

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