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In any prize fighting sport weight is a big deal. I know what you’re thinking, what about back in the day before weight classes, when Royce Gracie defeated Gerard Gordeau at UFC 1? While a prime example, the UFC didn’t really evolve as a sport until it started making weight classes and implementing rules.  Today it’s a multi-billion dollar company who’s set to have their first New York card UFC 205 at MSG. But even with it’s newfound success, there’s still a few kinks left to work out.

This saturday it’s going down. In the main event for UFC Fight night 95, Justino Cris “Cyborg” takes on UFC newcomer Lina “Elbow Queen” Lansberg, in a fight that shouldn’t last very long. Cris “Cyborg” is a beast that could probably go toe to toe with men at some of the smaller weight classes; so with -1200 odds this fight shouldn’t make it out of the first round. Her toughest battle however will be weight. As reported through other news sources “Cyborg” has anywhere from 15-20 lbs to cut before fight night. She has to make it to 140 lbs and some have reported she’s even resorted to birth control to cut weight. But why? why does a top MMA star have to resort to such harsh measures to make weight? The UFC, that’s why.

It seems the organization has no interest in making new weight classes for women’s mma as it may not be viable to their bottom line. “Cyborg” is a big girl, she struggles to make 145 and to ask her to go to 140 is damn near impossible. Since there is no 140 lb division, she’s fighting at a catchweight anyway, why not just make a class for her so other females can follow suit and go up if they’d like to. More competition for a big star they’re not utilizing to her full capacity.

What’s even more surprising is the absence of a 125lb weight class. Fighters from Joanne Calderwood, former bantamweight champ Miesha Tate, to current strawweight champ Joanna jedrzejczyk have been calling for a flyweight class for a while now and it seems no one’s listening. They’re not big enough draw’s? Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Miesha Tate make the fights people want to see. If Tate’s win over Holy Holm for the title wasn’t inspiring or Jedrzejczyk’s  in and out of octagon battle against  Cláudia Gadelha wasn’t enough, then you’re in the wrong sport.

In addition, wouldn’t we see better fights at the weight class the girls are more comfortable at? instead of forcing them to either drain themselves or beef up for the 20 lbs gap, make a weight class that veterans can fit into as well as a platform for new talent. Middleweight (185) to lightheavyweight (205) is understandable, but when you’re 5’5, 20 lbs is a lot.

Ultimately  it comes down to what will the fans pay to see, Would you guys pay to watch your favorite female fighters, as well a newcomers at 125 lbs? Or is the weight class too small to hold any real drawing power?

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Lionel Harris-Spence is a local drunk and part time writer for Cage Potato, and Generation Iron MMA. You can catch him screaming obscenities at a flat screen during most MMA events


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