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Why Hating Brock Lesnar Is So Much Fun

Plenty of people seem upset about Brock Lesnar after UFC 87. Maybe it’s because of his antics at the end of the fight. Maybe it’s because of his post-fight remarks. Maybe it’s because he won, or because everything about him reminds you of the guy who put you upside down in that trash can back in high school. We all have our reasons, is what I’m saying, even if they may be bad ones.

I’ll admit that I didn’t get a whole lot of joy out of watching Lesnar control Herring on the mat for three rounds. It wasn’t exactly a thrilling bout, athletically speaking, and his ‘ride-em cowboy’ routine was the kind of thing I hate about pro sports. But at a time when the UFC’s heavyweight division suffers from a general dearth of talent and interesting potential matchups, hate-ability may be just what we need right now.

What we have in Lesnar is the type of guy who various martial arts were created in order to protect against. He’s big, strong, fast, and aggressive. He’s all natural ability, and not so much technique at this point. His personality is abrasive, to put it mildly — the kind of guy you run into at a bar and think, ‘I’d kick your ass, if only you weren’t so big.’ What’s more, he seems to really enjoy being that guy.

After his display following the victory over Herring prompted some anger from MMA fans, Lesnar responded:

“That was just me. I was just excited. That was for Heath’s camp. I had the last laugh and the last words to say. I might’ve went a little overboard. If I offended anybody then I’m sorry…uh, not really!”

What’s not to love?

Lesnar is the typical pro wrestling heel, only he makes it seem like a genuine personality type and not just a character. He manages to be unlikable in victory, and even when he says something that would be humble coming out of GSP’s mouth, Lesnar sounds almost sarcastic.

These are natural gifts, much like his physical ones. He is the perfect bad guy, tailor made for a sport where people will pay extra to see someone they hate if there’s a reasonable chance he may get beat up. So why aren’t we happier to see him?

The irony is that when the UFC announced they’d be putting Frank Mir against Antonio Rodgrigo Nogueira for the UFC heavyweight title after the next season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” people complained that the match-up had no heat. Both guys were boring, they said. What fun will this be?

Now just try and imagine a scenario where Brock Lesnar is in a fight with anybody and there’s a lack of animosity.

We should be grateful for that. If he were just a cocky jerk with no skills, it would be different. But Lesnar is downright scary. Something about watching him against Herring seemed almost unfair, and Herring is a veteran of the sport.

If you don’t like Lesnar, that’s fine. It probably means that something is working correctly in your brain. But be honest, you don’t really want to see him disappear from the UFC. He’s too much fun, and a little fun is just what the heavyweight division needs right now.

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cr_trinity- August 14, 2008 at 7:07 am
Hey Noguiera must be shitting his pants right now. I know he has fought bigger (Sapp) and he has taken beatings and come back (Cro Cop, Sylvia) but he won't be able to take Lesnar once that fight happens. Which should after Brock hoses the UFC Heavyweight Division. I expect him to F5 something, and I don't see why he couldn't. Seriously.
Bootylam!- August 13, 2008 at 3:12 am
Dagnut's right. Maybe Brock's just an asshole. I know I am. It's not a popularity contest where most congenial wins.
Dagnut- August 12, 2008 at 8:10 pm
So when did it become about personalities eh?

You bunch of fcuking hypocrites...isn't that what they do on wrestling?..sell personalities to you?

catch your self on for fuck's fighting not American idol...who gives a fiddlers fcuk if you "like" him or not..

"oh lesnar he's such a dick blah blah blah...SO WHAT?

I guarantee in 5 years he'll be an all American hero selling frosted lucky charms cheerios or what ever it is you eat over there...the biggest name in the sport the guy who becomes the first bona fie superstar of the sport.
Don't know if that's a good thing or not ? personally I don't like it becoming mainstream because we watch the pay per view in the early hours of the morning over here in Ireland so I have to listen to the same drunk muppets who used to shite talk to me about pro boxing pretending they know what their talking about now shite talking MMA.

@ C-Bass "..crappy person" so what are you with the red cross or something? a green peace activist is it? curing caner? your a joke grow some balls
Jason from Washington- August 12, 2008 at 6:18 pm
I dont think that Brock wants to be hated. He seems to thrive on people cheering for him, which pumped him during this last fight. Seems like the pressure and aggression of the sport makes him react aggressively. It was obvious that the tone of his antics did a complete turn around when the two fighters came back to one another for a peace offering. I dont think I will hate him just because he is socially retarded under pressure.

Besides, I dont want him to be perfect. Perfection is boring.
griffin lover- August 12, 2008 at 5:46 pm
please nobody should compare lesner to kimbo. who has kimbo fought!!! all fights against nobodies and when they did put him in there with someone close to being a mma fighter he should have lost but the ref refused to stop the fight. At least lesner came into the sport and fought good fighters. and for brock as a person he is new to this give him time to tame his attitude he's just a lil pumped up with all the excitement!!!!!!!!
C-Bass- August 12, 2008 at 4:40 pm
Brock Lesnar: Good Fighter....Crappy Person!!!
PointsWin- August 12, 2008 at 2:08 pm
Brock needed to win and he won, you could see that he was just ensuring the win and learning as he went on.

I don't think you realize how much Brock has learned in the last 6 months or so, wrestling is what Brock does best so of course he is going to use this to his advantage. No one can match him when it comes to mat wresting, he is just building up his moves as he goes along. It will take time for a man of Brocks size to learn how to apply submissions at will but when he does he will be a top star in the UFC.

It will take another 5 or 6 fights before you can begin to judge Brock on all areas of his game.
BELIEVER- August 12, 2008 at 11:27 am
Mark-You can get more education/training on whatever type of crime you care about (criminals already know this) and your personal issues with authority don't matter. I think I'm used to hearing "fuck you" by now. Especially when someone has run out of logic. Bottom line is that brock is a punk who likes being a punk. Its worked for him for a long time. He has the potential to be a lot more. I'm out.
Markdog- August 12, 2008 at 6:56 am
Believer, if your a cop, then Fuck you more! Does anyone know where I could get "extra training for the aggresive enforcement against [dog fighting?]" What the fuck are you talking about?? Are you a cop or a dog catcher or a faggot???
lesserEVIL- August 12, 2008 at 4:53 am
Brock Lesnar is just a tool..his so called wrestling technique was using his steroid infested body to sit on HH..whoopdy doo. I will admit he is an athlete and when he charged at Herring after he knocked him down it was scary. He is too cocky for what he has accomplished in MMA..2-1 , wow your a rock star! His "ride em' cowboy" move was during the last seconds of the fight, come on dude, wait till the end you jackass. Probably won't get the next PPV with him in it, just a match with one dude laying on another dude.

PS. Looks like Lesnar is getting titty fucked with that tattoo lol
Shane- August 12, 2008 at 4:40 am
Lesanr is the best. The only one having a chance at beating Fedor the next few years. No he will not be able to beat him now but in 3-4 yrs he will. He will be unstopable and dominate any heavyweigth in the world. Im a huge Lesnar fan. One of the best decicison Dana White and UFC has made. We all know the dont make the greatest ones
JamesChrist- August 12, 2008 at 3:56 am
Does anyone know why he has the sword tattoo? Do you think anyone told him before he got it that it would look like a wang between his tits? Maybe that's what Herring was telling him
BELIEVER- August 12, 2008 at 3:33 am
Mark,with all due respect, you need to read my posts again.1- I obviously don't condone dogfighting and have even had extra training for the aggresive enforcement against it.2- I'm the person who agreed to a previous persons points.3-i don't think going to an mma event is a religious experience and I never stated anything about why people watch.4- feeling that someone has has treated you with disrespect, then turning around and intentionaly treating them the same-makes you less than the man you could be.5- I agree with you bro. Brock should speak with honesty. He has the free will to do and say whatever he wants. Out of his mouth his heart flows. I'd hate to see brock be fake. I'd love to see him be a bigger man and a more complete fighter. Mahew- IF BE REAL MEANS STAY THE WAY YOU ARE WHEN YOU COULD BE BETTER, COUNT ME OUT. I never questioned brocks warrior spirit. I stated that if a person seeks to magnify the animalistic side of mma at the expense of all that is positive, then they should look deeper into reality and learn more about martial arts and the warrior spirit. To do less reduces mma to something disgusting. Like dog fighting for example.
Can You See Me Now- August 12, 2008 at 3:22 am
Cock Chestner, learn math much? How is 28-13 (now 28-14) a .500 fighter? That was better than a .750 record, now exactly a .750 record after his loss to Brock. Besides that, most of those losses are to guys you might have heard of like Fedor, Big Nog X 3, Crocop, Vitor... I don't think they would put a non MMA fighter in against those guys...

Yea Mir is the greatest ever. He was dominated 99% of that fight and capitalized on a rookie mistake. He even had the huge help from the ref standing up the fight, giving him a breather, while the ref (everyone admits) badly took away a point from Brock. He still got promptly put on his ass and pounded on some more before the rookie mistake. Who has Mir beat? Tim Sylvia when he was a nobody? Tank Abbot? Wow.
Cock Chestner- August 12, 2008 at 3:07 am
What does the author mean talking about lesnars ground game? Herring was able to break mount anytime he wanted to.

and who the hell says a .500 fighter (herring) was a true mma fighter that brock beat? Mir is a true fighter, and we saw what happened when brock fought someone who wasnt washed up.

Brock loses his next fight by KI you heard it from cock chestner himself boys n girls!
Shane- August 12, 2008 at 2:49 am
Brock is going to be interesting as time goes on. He'll learn more, and look more comfortable in the octagon. This fight with Herring was a must win, it may of been boring but he did what was needed to win the fight. He brings alittle of the WWE swagger which is entertaining. People are gonna either love to watch him kill some guy or hope he gets his ass beat. Excellent choice by Dana for bringing him into the UFC.
matthew5608- August 12, 2008 at 1:53 am
i agree with markdog, and to add to that, doesn't shit talking make a fight more marketable anyway? think about some of the huge rivalries and ask yourself if you would have been so pumped up to watch if they hadn't said anything at all. for example shamrock vs. tito... they did so much shit talking to eachother and i don't remember everyone getting so pissed at them and saying they have no warrior spirit.
Markdog- August 12, 2008 at 1:44 am
Fuck you Believer! To even condone dog fighting is idiotic. Who the fuck are you to say, "Your right on some points there" - an MMA Dr. Phil? Warrior spirit yakety smakety, it's not a religious ceremony. People don't go for a spiritual experience, they go to get fucked up and watch some fights. I bet you watch MMA events with a lampshade on your head. Brock had the balls to talk shit to HH in his face, and HH had 15 minutes to do something about it, and he was not able to do shit. Talking shit makes him lesser of a man, why? Just because he had the balls to say what he felt? It is just annoying to me when fighters sound fake. It's cool if you want to act respectful and all that like Anderson Silva. But you can tell he is sincere and it's not a load of shit. But Brock shouldn't be forced to say something that he doesn't feel like just because you think it's not right. If you want to act classy fine, if you want to talk shit fine too. You don't have to "gild the lily" if you don't want to.
matthew5608- August 12, 2008 at 1:39 am
I just don't understand how everyone thinks they need to hate on lesnar. First of all what is there to hate? you say too cocky? wouldn't you be if you were an accomplished athlete taking mma by storm who has made alot of money already and married to sable?
And why is everyone getting so upset about him doing his little celebration after the fight? again put yourself in his shoes, winning a fight over a veteran of the sport who prefight said he felt you shouldn't be getting this chance... sorry but if you wouldn't rub the win in the face of a guy who completely dissed you, then you aren't a competitor.
A.gweeok- August 12, 2008 at 12:03 am
It's funny how alot of people say his antics after the fight were bad blah blah. I agree some of it was a little over board but go back and watch his interview before the match. He talks about how Herring is a seasoned fighter with more experience. He acted very mature and gave props to Heath, but every single damned herring interview he talked shit. Every time herring had something to say about how brock wasnt shit and he implied that he "deserved" a better opponent. I rooted for brock I didnt like his antics afterward, but I think with what everyone was saying about him it was justified.

Finally if you think that first punch that knocked Heath across the fucking ring was luck you need to open your eyes and watch that moment again. Heath ate that punch it wasnt a wild swing. That punch wasnt some overhand it was just a straight right down his throat and he payed for blinking.
Karmaatemycat- August 11, 2008 at 11:48 pm
Brock just needs more time in the ring it's that simple Brock has always been a guy i've enjoyed watching no matter what he was doing NCAA/Pro-wrestling/UFC. Brock is amazing for the industry he brings that entertainment aspect out of the sport the "Bad guy" character that we all love to hate and Hate to see win(Accept me). One of the things everyone seems to forget is that even though this is his third MMA fight Brock was using those legs to destroy Herring it was almost painful to just sit there and watch, Brock is learning that with his size and his power that he can control the speed of the match and his opponents can't run away it's just a matter of time until the Prize pig pays off and you'll all have to just sit there and wait. Brock has nowhere accept "Up" to go... <3 It's hard to be a fan of Brock Lesnar but I'll do my best and sit sidelines cheering every single time he steps into a ring. Because here comes the pain..
Dr.- August 11, 2008 at 11:30 pm
And the comment about Herring not coming over wish Brock well after the fight is BULLSHIT. Would you say, "Hey man, nice win." after some dickhead acts like a piece of shit? Pointing and laughing at people doesn't exactly warrant a positive response. Nor does riding someone like a fag cowboy. I bet the idea SOUNDED good didn't it, Brock? You looked like a dumb-ass thrusting yourself on Herring's ass.

You would have lost to Hong Man Choi if the Cal Ath Commission cleared him that time.
Dr.- August 11, 2008 at 11:23 pm
Like him or not Brock is a piece of shit. He does bring a lot of retarded WWE crossovers to MMA so in some ways he's good for the sport. But he is also crap for the sport.

I didn't order the the PPVs he was on because of him. And I sure as fuck don't care about whether he gets beat or not. He couldn't even put a moderate slam on Herring for being such a great wrestler with monster strength and technique. Sure he took him down but other HWs have been able to slam Herring for weighing less than him.

Like hell I'll order a PPV where he is the headliner. And I reiterate that Brock is a fag. All that is about him points to being one. Get your fag on Brock, you piece of shit.
BELIEVER- August 11, 2008 at 11:16 pm
Your right about some points there (can you see me). I think the difference with brock is that his celebration antics underscored an overall disrepect that better men don't carry. Even with the attitudes given by the other camp brock missed an opportunity to be the true bigger man with his victory.
brocks_mum- August 11, 2008 at 11:05 pm
brock shoulda thrown dung on herring after he was done with him. that what his daddy did wit me. learned me real good. i ain't never gonna ask to go dearhuntin' 'gain neither.