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With His “Payday” Now Dead and Gone, Rafael Dos Anjos Calls For Robbie Lawler Fight at UFC 200


Considering that Rafael Dos Anjos basically destroyed the sport of MMA by pulling out of UFC 196 at the last minute (or so some fans and lesser MMA “analysts” would have you believe), you’d think that lightweight champion would be keeping a low profile and awaiting whatever opponent the UFC was generous enough to grant him next. I mean, the guy set into motion a series of events that would result in Conor McGregor losing a fight, which is a travesty on par with Josh Barnett killing Affliction (again, I’m just quoting some of my esteemed Twitter colleagues here).

Suffice it to say, Dos Anjos (which is Portuguese for “Two Vaginas,” I’m told) is in no position to be calling anyone out — not even McGregor, who I’ve also been recently informed was never all that great a fighter to begin with – but wouldn’t you know it, he’s gone and done it anyway, and against another champion, no less!

Speaking with Ariel Helwani on yesterday’s MMA Hour, Dos Anjos admitted that, although he’s lost his “payday” fight with McGregor as a result of his recent injury, he would be willing to make it up to the UFC, sort of, by facing welterweight champion Robbie Lawler at UFC 200.

“I have a lot of energy, I want to do stuff, but I can’t yet. But it’s fine. I’m going to be back in four or five weeks. I’m up for UFC 200,” said Dos Anjos.

“I don’t know the UFC’s plans, but I’m here, man. I’m here to fight anybody. I’ll fight welterweight too, if they need. I respect Robbie Lawler, but if UFC needs somebody to fight for the welterweight (title), I would fight.”

Oh right, you were afraid to fight the lion, but now you want to fight the great white shark (or perhaps “modern day Cthulhu” is a more accurate comparison?) that is Robbie Lawler? Well WE. AIN’T. BUYING. IT.

FACT: Rafael Dos Anjos ran scared from the biggest fight of his life with an injury that some ibuprofen and an Icy Hot pad would have healed 100% in less than 48 hrs. Our evidence? YOU CAN’T RUN ON A BROKEN FOOT, YOU GUYS.

FACT: Robbie Lawler eats a bowl of nails for breakfast every day (without any milk) and will still come at you, bro, even after you have kicked a piece of his face off.

In conclusion, the UFC would be foolish bordering on insane to book this fight, which would almost certainly result in Dos Anjos pulling out due to a bad case of Restless Leg Syndrome and being replaced by Nate Diaz yet again.

Actually, short notice Diaz vs. Cthulhu Lawler sounds like a real barnburner of a fight, so go ahead and book this, Dana!!

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