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With Some Help From Twitter, Jake Ellenberger Could Be Next In Line For GSP…If He Can Beat Rory MacDonald

(“Here we are with Ake Jellenberger, you did an awesome job, getting some awesome trash-talk in there, I want to tell me what you see, let’s go ahead and see by the tweets, what you saw, in the computer.” / Photo via Getty)

By Nathan Smith

The war of words heated up between The Juggernaut and The Waterboy — aka Ares, or the Canadian Psycho…too bad Uncle Creepy was already taken — via Twitter this past week, leading up to their UFC on FOX 8 showdown on July 27 from the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. Because Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman is on the horizon, many have forgotten that the #3 and #4 ranked welterweights will be squaring off a few weeks after. The latest beef started off as a seemingly harmless question thrown out by Jake Ellenberger to his followers, but apparently Rory MacDonald did not take kindly to it and he made his 140 characters count like they were punches.

Though it is not exactly the magnitude of Twitter beef that Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen engaged in when the American Gangster was trying to goad the LHW champ into accepting his short-notice challenge at the now infamously cancelled UFC 151, but it was still a pretty good shot across the bow by MacDonald even though it took a couple previous Twitter-jabs from Ellenberger to get us to this point.


But this begs the question; since MacDonald is a fellow Tristar teammate of Georges St. Pierre and the champ has already said that he has no desire to fight his perceived heir apparent, what happens if Ellenberger beats (and Molson forbid, KOs) The Waterboy? Since he flattened Nate Marquardt at UFC 158 that would make 2 prominent Tristar guys that The Juggernaut has beaten in a row and then it may become personal for GSP regardless of the outcome of his upcoming WW title defense against Johny Hendricks. We have already seen GSP ask Dana White and the UFC for an opponent (Nick Diaz) once he felt personally disrespected. So what if he feels compelled to defend the name of Firas Zahabi, his defeated training partners and the gym he calls home?

Betting lines say that GSP (-225) and MacDonald (-235) are favored but neither of those figures are King Mo vs Petruzelli-esque. Both Hendricks and Ellenberger have the punching power to upset their foe, but for the sake of argument (and my own sanity), let’s pretend that GSP wins (AMEN!) and Ellenberger wins AND Carlos Condit beats Martin Kampmann in late August.  Who gets the next shot at the title?

If you take into account the official UFC rankings [Ed. note: LMAO], Condit (#2) should be next in line but we’ve already seen how that movie ends. So, if Ellenberger is able to get past MacDonald while mixing in a nice “I guess you can call me the Tristar Hunter” post fight interview with Joe Rogan, something tells me that a potential super-fight with Anderson Silva will be put on hold while GSP tries to avenge his cohorts.

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Mr_Misanthropy- June 24, 2013 at 1:40 pm
When Tito tilts his head back like that he looks like Zippy the Pinhead because your eyes strain to see all the way to the top of his head as it vanishes on the horizon.
mookiestick- June 24, 2013 at 8:33 am
There's seems to be some of McDonald's "tweets" omitted. I see, It's written to be taken out of context. I see what you did there, Nathan Smith.
Ogre- June 23, 2013 at 4:14 pm
I need to thank you guys for having brilliantly comedic minds and applying them to MMA culture so seamlessly. I consistently laugh out loud while reading articles, as well as headline photo captions, and this one is just absolutely beautiful. You guys do an awesome job crafting MMA relatable comedy, a really good job. Since I've started writing this I've scrolled back to the photo caption and have laughed every time. Keep up the great work.
The12ozCurls- June 23, 2013 at 2:59 am
Hit the "sanity" link!
Immahitja- June 22, 2013 at 10:43 pm
Genuinely the funniest caption I've ever seen on CP. Top notch.
The12ozCurls- June 22, 2013 at 6:53 pm
I 100% agree. This story is total BULLSHIT . . . . but the caption in money $
emeraldringer- June 22, 2013 at 6:36 pm
That Tito caption is hilarious.