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Would You Pay $30 For a Glimpse of Frankie Edgar? The UFC Sure Hopes So…

We’ve only mentioned it briefly before, but you’re probably aware that the UFC is holding a “Nemesis” viewing party tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden, hosted by Matt Serra and featuring appearances by Forrest Griffin and Kenny Florian. Well, things aren’t looking too promising, attendance-wise. It was reported that as of the beginning of this week, only 1,000 of the arena’s 20,000 seats had been sold for the event. Apparently, New York’s fans would rather watch UFC 79 in the comfort of their own homes than have $7 beers spilled on them by loudmouthed idiots. (I know, I don’t understand it either…)

So what does the UFC do to generate some last-minute interest in their party? That’s right — they bring out the big guns. Yesterday, Thomas Gerbasi reported that lightweight sorta-contender Frankie Edgar has been tapped to show up at the Garden, where he will likely take part in the Q&A session before the live broadcast lights up the jumbotrons. In other words, just like at any other NYC hotspot on a Saturday night, both Long Island and New Jersey WILL BE IN FULL FORCE BITCHES!

(By the way, if anybody reading this is actually planning on going to the viewing party, let us know. We might be able to get you a few bucks for a full report.)

As for those New Yorkers who feel the need to watch “Nemesis” among strangers, but don’t want to pay MSG’s $30 cover charge and want more beverage options than draft beer and Pepsi, we’d suggest the following:

Proof, 239 3rd Ave. — particularly for its proximity to Black Bear Lodge.

Mean Fiddler, 266 W. 47th St. — an Irish pub that’s already an established spot for showing UFC events, so the patrons are energetic and informed.

Playwright Tavern and Restaurant, 202 W. 49th — I’ve never been there but I’ve heard good things.

See? Who needs Ticketmaster? Go out there and drink responsibly!

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