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‘WTF’ Video Roundup: Xtreme Arm Wrestling, Human Wrecking Balls, Black-Belt Monkey

(Props: Fightlinker)

It’s time for a look at the weird, wild, wacky side of martial arts. First is the above clip of a XARM (Xtreme Arm Wrestling) match, where two competitors have their hands taped together, then proceed to beat each other senseless. I think the goal is still to pin your opponent’s arm on the table, but as you’ll see, that’s not quite how it plays out. The saddest part is that one of the dudes behind this spectacle is Art Davie, one of the co-creators of the UFC. Christ, even Bob Meyrowitz laughs at this guy. I feel bad for those XARM’ers wrists. And their mothers, of course.

(Props: MMA Junkie)

Meet Craig and Paul Pumphrey, stars of G4′s upcoming series Human Wrecking Balls. Both are members of the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame, and both enjoy breaking shit with their bare hands. My favorite part of this promo clip is 0:36-0:39, where the dude just straight-up runs through a wall. I thought that only happened in Kool-Aid commercials. Oh yeah!

(Props: twickbjj)

Finally, here’s a video of a monkey doing push-ups, sit-ups, and breaking boards. You either want to see that or you don’t. But the tiny headgear that the monkey wears? OMFG PRESH.


  1. shitwhistle Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 07:00

    XARM - sport of the future That clip is equal parts hilarious and ridiculous.
  2. Darrin Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 07:10

    I would certainly go to a sports bar to watch an XARM PPV event.
  3. Old, Bald and Irish Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 07:10

    Wait, wait...I got it: Xtreme Arm Wrestling, but instead of humans, WE USE MONKEYS! ...brilliant, or what
  4. SEC Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 07:17

    That Poor Monkey. That man needs to Give that little fucker some bananas and set his ass free!. Next thing you know he is going to be filming the monkey doing Porn. I think him and Vern / Mini-Me should throw down!
  5. SEC Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 07:17

    That Poor Monkey. That man needs to Give that little fucker some bananas and set his ass free!. Next thing you know he is going to be filming the monkey doing P o r n. I think him and Vern / Mini-Me should throw down!
  6. Old, Bald and Irish Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 07:17

    Wait a did that goddamn monkey get a black belt? So if I ever ran into that monkey, I'd have to refer to him as "sensei"? Hmmm...maybe there was more to those Planet of the Apes movies than I previously thought...
  7. Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 07:19

    Xarm.. wow.. that is the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life. Why even have a table there. Just tape their arms together and let them punch and kick the shit out of each other.
  8. justin Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 07:23

    Elite XC should look into XARM - stand-up fights with no need for submission bonuses: just what the fans want to see!
  9. toosoon Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 07:35

    HOLY SHIT. Evan Tanner was reincarnated into a monkey.
  10. Josh Aint Thug Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 07:42

    the monkey doing sit-ups reminded me of the undertaker
  11. mayhem420 Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 07:52

    You know the funny part of that whole post isnt the guys running through walls or even the monkey.... its the fact that the poster stated: "You either want to see that or you don’t. But the tiny headgear that the monkey wears? OMFG PRESH." Dude I hope your a chick...."OMFG PRESH"? Come on MAN!!! Could have gone with dope, awesome, cool, even phat.... but PRESH?
  12. MMANewbExpert Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 08:02

    I laugh my ass off until I realize that how I feel about this crap is probably about the same as other people feel about MMA...
  13. tpark Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 08:41

    That monkey Vs Mini-me XARM headliner! Hell they could combine with ELite & Affliction to get replace Kimbo "Street Cocksucker Certified" Slice
  14. Angry Monkey Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 08:47

    mayhem420, you obviously have a very underdeveloped sense of humor. Some day you might get the humor behind that statement, or maybe somebody else here will explain it to you.
  15. Baroni Sux Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 08:51

    That monkey sux compared to the Karate Monkey in Grandma's boy! As for XARM...I am still not sure if it's brilliant or down right stupid. I can't place my finger on it but it could be cool because using the table for some sort of arm bar is there but the flailing around punching and even an occasion knee has me confused. What would prevent someone from pulling you over the table deliverance style and pounding your face with a hammer fist.
  16. John Kimble Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 08:52

    I see the monkey has a championship belt. Personally, i think it's irresponsible to crown your monkey champion until he's defeated at least one karate/boxing monkey contender, but that's just my opinion on karate and boxing monkeys. I'd also like to put out a call to any willing and able moneky karatekas and monkey boxers to come dethrone this self proclaimed champion.
  17. NealTaflinger Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 08:58

    I think the monkey could take Beetlejuice.
  18. Renzo Gracie for Pres Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 09:06

    To the Human Wrecking Balls I really only have to balls So these guys are "Professionals" for doing crap that every drunk frat boy ever did in College. Smashing walls, breaking car windows, punching glass, kicking in car doors...seems like my college days except I was drunk as hell which they might be too but I didn't see it on any of the disclaimers. The Karate monkey kicks ass!!! XARM is..well....stupid? Not sure if that single work can cover it but it's good enough :-(
  19. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 10:08

    Did anyone else notice the extreme arm wresteling guys are chained to the table at the waist? WTF!
  20. Bobby Says:

    Thu, 10/09/08 - 03:18

    XARM is a fucking abomination. It'll just make things difficult for MMA in the future (what little future XARM has...). Honestly.......this is absurd.
  21. Craig Says:

    Thu, 10/09/08 - 05:21

    Did I really just see that? As bad as I feel for that f*cking monkey, HOLY @#$%!!!! I cant believe this video is not all over the internet and tv!!!
  22. beqwith Says:

    Thu, 10/09/08 - 01:00

    I would break that little monkey's will with a stiff jab. What a dick!
  23. Blackleg Says:

    Thu, 10/09/08 - 02:20

    "Wait a minute…how did that goddamn monkey get a black belt?" Tiger Schulmann.
  24. Kyle Says:

    Thu, 10/09/08 - 03:15

    All this talk of a monkey.. Is there a new Kimbo video around?
  25. the glza Says:

    Thu, 10/09/08 - 03:42

    mayhem420, sarcasm. sarcasm, mayhem420. you guys have a lot to talk about so i'll just mozy on out.
  26. Andrea Says:

    Fri, 10/10/08 - 04:14

    Dude, I was there at XARM, and although there are some kinks to be worked out - it was packed full of action and the guys came up with some awesome strategies. It's all about not running away from your opponent - so, kinda like boxing only without the running away. I'm not sure what the future holds, but people called MMA stupid to begin with, too.
  27. urlman cow Says:

    Tue, 04/08/14 - 04:51

    Whispering Misty... So sorry you are going to pass up the workshop!...

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