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WTF?! Videos of the Day: Arianny Dances, Rampage Slaps, and More

(Just another day researching hard-hitting stories here at the CP offices.) 

Arianny Celeste is officially a triple threat. Not only can she strike a pose with the best of them, but she can sing the roof off the rafters. And now….this.

Cast as “Japanese schoolgirl” in the latest video by electro pop band Manufactured Superstars, Ms. Celeste turns in a performance that will surely go down as the single greatest piece of acting in a four minute party sequence of all time. Simply put, it brought tears to my penis eyes. As for the music itself, well, it roughly reminds me of something I’d come upon if I happened to be playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, so make what you want of that, and join us below for the video.

Manufactured Superstars – “Silver Splits the Blue” 

Now that you’ve punctured both your eardrums with a spork, check out something mildly more entertaining– a drunk Quinton Jackson slapping a fan in the face outside of a club. The fan said it was by request, but we think he may have asked Quinton when that album of his was dropping.

And now for something completely different

Set to take on Ben Rothwell at UFC 145, Brendan Schuab recently took a little time to go ghost hunting with the crew of Ghost Show #315, or the creatively titled Ghost Adventures, which airs on the Travel Channel. Though it is only a preview of the upcoming episode, we’re going to go ahead and take a guess at what happens over the course of the actual show.

1. Three to four chairs will either creek or tip over.
2. Wind will be passed off as a paranormal encounter.
3. Grown men will wander around in the darkness, repeatedly asking/shouting questions that never get answered.
4. They will conclude that the building they entered was in fact haunted.

Thrilling stuff.

-J. Jones


  1. Fried Taco Says:

    Fri, 03/16/12 - 03:25

    Ha-ha! They cast her as a Japanese school-girl cuz she has no ass!!
  2. Fried Taco Says:

    Fri, 03/16/12 - 03:28

    Weird, while watching that last video, I swear I saw a shadow pass by out of the corner of my eye. I was just... whoa, something just touched me! Oh my god! And now it's getting really cold! Shit, I'm getting out of here, dude!
  3. wilcoxbullies Says:

    Fri, 03/16/12 - 03:30

    Is this the song Buffalo Bill was listening to in his basement when he tucked his dick? "Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me."
  4. FightZen Says:

    Fri, 03/16/12 - 03:30

    That's the most offense 'Page has out together in a long time. Good to see the "old Rampage" back in action!
  5. Get Off Me Says:

    Fri, 03/16/12 - 04:19

    I think Condit asked Diaz to slap him when they fought as well.
  6. fightfan Says:

    Fri, 03/16/12 - 04:42

    And they call that horseshit "reality tv"? Same scripted shows as there were 30 years ago....they simply "create" and act out something to make it look like it was taped live or in real time. And did I hear that douchebag right? A "valid" spirit communicator. OMFG! What validates it is the "intelligent responses"(WITH ENHANCED AUDIO) from the, ahem, "ghost" Really, cmon, these shows get worse and worse each year
  7. fightfan Says:

    Fri, 03/16/12 - 04:54

    How do you make one fo them "valid" spirit communicators. Not that there'd be any fake spirit communicators out there.
  8. WTF?! Videos of the Day: Arianny Dances, Rampage Slaps, and More | MMA Nutrition and Diet Says:

    Fri, 03/16/12 - 08:41

    [...] Original post by J. Jones [...]
  9. Alan K Says:

    Sat, 03/17/12 - 10:58

    That fight was clearly fixed. For shame, Rampage, for shame.
  10. Crazy Croat Says:

    Sat, 03/17/12 - 12:11

    CHECK OUT my hype promo for Mir vs Velasquez ! it's UFC style !
  11. TellaTruth Says:

    Sat, 03/17/12 - 12:15

    Purple Spits the White
  12. Susan B. Sandwiches Says:

    Sun, 03/18/12 - 08:20

    Best picture of Chandella I've ever seen.
  13. SnackDaddy Says:

    Mon, 03/19/12 - 07:11

    What a faggy song and video...
  14. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sun, 12/01/13 - 06:39

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  15. mark mania Says:

    Wed, 12/04/13 - 10:26

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  16. urlman cow Says:

    Tue, 04/08/14 - 08:19

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  17. yellow october Says:

    Tue, 11/04/14 - 04:29

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