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WWE + MMA = Scripted Fights

(Partnering with the WWE for MMA events is not something to cheer about, Dude.)

In an e-mail exchange with Mark Cuban on Thursday, The Edmonton Sun posed some questions regarding the 49-year-old gazillionaire’s involvement in MMA and where HDNet’s participation in the sport was headed. Cuban’s HDNet most recently broadcast MFC 15: Rags to Riches last Friday, where Pete Spratt was choked out by Ryan Ford. The channel has been partnering with several organizations this year to become the MMA broadcast king – including showing their own HDNet Fights.

Q: Why did you decide to carry so much MMA content on HDNet? (The channel has created the HDNet Fights brand.)
A: “We think MMA is just starting to take off. It’s a great sport that combines athleticism and strategy and of course toughness that is just starting to go mainstream.

“It’s a great opportunity for HDNet to gain viewers in the U.S. and Canada.”

Cuban goes on to speak of his love for MMA and his plans to attend scores of live events in the near future. And he plans on keeping HDNet on track to get MMA in every house.

Q: Where will MMA be in five years on the North American sports map?
A: “If we can put the focus on the athletes rather than the promoter, the sky is the limit.”

Q: In a crowded TV universe, where will HDNet be in five years?
A: “We are growing by leaps and bounds. In Canada alone, we are increasing our (subscribers) by as much as 10% per month. We are excited about our future.”

Q: Are you trying to form an MMA company to rival the UFC? Are you thinking of involving the McMahon family from the WWE?
A: “Absolutely. We are looking to partner where we can, do our own promotions where it makes sense. We think the future is built around the fighters and their personalities. No one else has this focus and partnership approach. We think it’s a winner.”

Uh-Oh. That’s what we were afraid of. It’s been rumored that the WWE heads were eyeing MMA, but we remembered the monstrosity that was the money-losing XFL and were hopeful they’d be scared away from a new sport venture. However, when Cuban starts talking, action generally follows. There’s no doubt that the McMahons go where the money is and they’ve seen what HDNet has done with MMA. They certainly recognize the vast potential of MMA and the cross-over possibilities with pro wrestling stars like Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle – resulting in more shitty movies that still make loads of cash, double the sponsorships, etc. Unfortunately, we all know where McMahon-backed MMA promotions would go.

Damn you, Mark Cuban. Just when you were doing so much good – aside from that “Dancing with the Stars” thing – you decide to sell your MMA soul. Please come back to us.

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puig- February 25, 2008 at 7:27 am
Anyone who cites "pro wrestling" to further their case shouldn't be taken seriously.

What is Fightlinker? A stupid pro wrestling fan who doesn't know how to watch a sport for its athletes. These people think everything is about pro wresting and worse than that, they think everything happens on the basis of what took place in pro wrestling.

Mexican, if anything, it's silly bastards like you, "fightlinker," dave meltzer, zach arnold, and etc., who are running the asylum; and diametrically ruining it.

"pro wrestling" is theater -- which wrestling fans, owners and the actors themselves are to slow-witted to realize -- and any partnership between Cuban and WWE inc. will be innocuous. Mayhem Miller could appear on a television sitcom, Trigg on an episode of Raw. It's called acting.
Mexican- February 24, 2008 at 8:30 pm
Fightlinker is right, Cuban is gonna destroy MMA. Everyone is gonna turn into a primadonna because they won't have anyone to keep them in line. Ever heard of WCW? The inmates are gonna run the asylum at the expense of the sport, and that's the way Cuban wants it.
Mike- February 24, 2008 at 8:23 pm
Did anyone read the interview? i believe that Cuban was answering the first question, not the second. Of course he has talked with the WWE, I am sure the McMahons would love an in into legitimate fighting as their circuses are starting to look like a joke...but HDNet and HDNet Fights' MMA broadcasting is legit...Strikeforce, IFL, and MFC just in the last week.
Asian- February 24, 2008 at 6:54 pm
Dear god.. I hate Marc Cuban.

Maybe the Undertaker can make his debut against Chuck Liddel and chokeslam him, then hit him with a chair.