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Yoshihiro Akiyama Marries Fine-Ass Japanese Supermodel

(Quit faking it, girl.  We all know books aren’t funny.)

Some big changes in Yoshihiro Akiyama’s life lately.  First he signs with the UFC and holds press conferences in both Japan and Korea to trumpet the move, but he also just got married to Japanese supermodel Shiho Yano, commonly known in her home country simply as “Shiho” or “Charismatic Shiho.”  

According to the Korea Times, Shiho said of the union, “I’m comfortable to be with Akiyama.  I’m grateful I met him.”  Awwww.  Isn’t that…sort of nice.

Akiyama, who is rumored to be making his Octagon debut at UFC 100 this summer, possibly against Dream fighter-slayer Alan Belcher, joins a long and storied list of famous pro athletes who marry supermodels.  Naturally, upon hearing the news, we rushed right out onto the information superhighway to find arousing photos of Akiyama’s new wife.  The results were somewhat disappointing.  Apparently in Japan they don’t require their models to strip down the way we do, which is their loss.  Someone should tell them that chicks who want to get rich and famous off their looks will do almost anything

Instead there are a lot of shots of her in sweaters, walking places and looking cute and happy.  Who wants to see that?  Even the noted internet pervs at Fightlinker couldn’t dig up anything with much skin.  Thanks for nothing, fashion photographers of Japan. You just had to keep things classy.

Here are some of our favorites anyway.  I mean, she fine.  No disputing that.  But the Japanese have a whole island of fine Asian women, and this is what they do with them?  What a waste.


  1. uncle roberts says Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 09:20

  2. uncle roberts says Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 09:22

    yes finally, i just blew my load all over my computer, im gonna go get a napkin.....
  3. Fenix Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 09:23

    Question. Where is this "Fine-Ass" girl you speak of?
  4. CanadianProduce Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 09:25

    Um...she doesn't look like a cartoon to me. Am I missing something here?
  5. Dr. Gonzo Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 09:26

    Most Japaneese girl that have straight teeth look fine
  6. Dave W Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 09:28

    I can't wait for Akiyama to make his UFC debut. He's fun to hate in Japan but I'm actually gonna be rooting for him this time. His girl is pretty hot.
  7. Batman Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 09:30

    If CagePotato wants sexy Japanese in schoolgirl outfits, they have to look no further than Aoki.
  8. Spinning L-Bow Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 09:33

    @ Fenix She's pretty hot dude. If that doesn't get u off, maybe Shinya's pics can.
  9. Aaron Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 09:34

    Body yay, face meh.
  10. Little Dan Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 09:37

    Alright, she's hot but is this really newsworthy? Also he could probably do better, say a nice hot American who's bush doesn't look like Clay Guida's head! Most Japanese women are just not into shaving, I don't get it. Anyway can't wait for him to come to the UFC though.
  11. Fenix Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 09:49

    She's cute, thats about it. I'd bang her. Not a "Fine-Ass" girl though.
  12. T Rex Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 09:52

    The Bens must have yellow fever.
  13. Noodles Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 09:56

    @ Little Dan Actually, she can do a lot better than him. He's not the best looking character. Most fighters are pretty damn ugly unless their initials are GSP. But their lifespan for careers are pretty similar. Both Fighters and Models careers are in their primes at 18 years old to 36 years old (give or take a few years.) @ T Rex Ain't nothing wrong with yellow fever.
  14. I Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 09:57

    Fenix is right. No fine ass girl here. Pretty weak. By the way, asian women are not hot. They just aren't Sorry.
  15. Gangsta Lean Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 10:05

    if anyone knows about doing "almost anything" for cash its Japanese models. have any of you even googled "eel soup"?
  16. rokabee Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 10:14

    I luh u long time.
  17. 2009 Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 10:29

    It's interesting how when there are pics of yellow, brown or black chicks and some idiots don't approve of them, (even though they could probably never get girls like them) and say "asian women aren't hot". But if it's a white chick, they just say "she's not hot" and not "white chicks aren't hot" They look at one pic or example and judge everyone else of the same culture. Smarten up morons.
  18. Clark Kent Jab Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 10:37

    @ 2009 Good point. but u didn't mention how if someone is attracted to an asian or black chick, they must have "yellow" or "jungle" fever. I guess there's no fever for liking white chicks. @ T Rex No buddy, maybe The Bens just have pretty girl fever.
  19. Chinstroker Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 10:40

    Not all white girls look alike.
  20. Black Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 10:48

    @ Chinstroker Your mom and sister look the same to me when I'm banging them.
  21. Brandon Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 11:00

    She is very hot. That is all.
  22. fuckanosama Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 11:19

    "Not all white girls look alike." Well, generally the ability to distinguish between members of different ethnic groups is a function of how used you are to actually seeing people who look like that, so Chinese and Japanese people (in China & Japan) often think all white people look alike and so on. Here in America though, we mostly have all kinds of people, so when you hear comments you like that you can bet they're coming from our slow white brethren out in fly-over country.
  23. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 11:25

    Hey CP, you can always go to - just pick one and pretend it's She-Ho. They're all the same.
  24. smashfacekillah Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 11:26

    @2009 Hey I dont think white chicks are hot. I do make an exception for some dark skin Brunettes but blonde over blue eh just not for me. So there it is "white chicks arent hot".
  25. Frank Mur Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 12:03

    I Love bitches!
  26. PurplePickle Says:

    Thu, 03/12/09 - 07:00

    You have got to love Japanese pop culture. Supermodels are conservatively dressed and bare little, meanwhile anime schoolgirls are repeatedly ass raped by giant demon octopus aliens.
  27. Chinstroker Says:

    Fri, 03/13/09 - 01:10

    @ fuckanosama Haha, true. I'm not american though. Not all ass-raping giant demon octopus aliens look alike.
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    Sun, 12/01/13 - 05:59

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