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You Had Your Moment, Rampage — Gina Carano’s ‘Haywire’ to Drop in January 2011

(Seriously, any excuse to run this photo…)

Gina Carano‘s upcoming star turn in Steven Soderbergh’s next action flick will reportedly hit theaters in January, and early impressions are very positive. The movie, now titled Haywire instead of Knockout, had its first test screening earlier this week, and Hollywood Elsewhere passed along a rundown of the plot and Carano’s surprisingly compelling performance:

Mallory Kane (Carano) is young, tough, beautiful, determined, and a freelance covert operative. She is hired out by her handler, Kenneth (Ewan McGregor), to various global entities, to perform jobs which governments can’t authorize and heads of state would rather not know about.

For all her looks and youth, Mallory is still the best in her field, and her skills are in constant demand. But when one of her operations goes awry, Mallory needs to use all her skills, tricks and abilities to escape an international manhunt, make it back to the United States, protect her family, and exact revenge on those that have betrayed her.

The associations that came to mind were (a) any Bourne movie, (b) any Mission Impossible movie, (c) Taken, (d) Michael Clayton, (e) Wanted, (f) Panic Room, (g) Obsessed, (h) The Informant, (i) Body Of Lies, (j) Edge Of Darkness and (k) Red Eye.

First and foremost for me were the strong parallels to The Girlfriend Experience. There are lots of closeups of our female lead, who’s no actress but whose skills in her field probably make her more interesting than a star in the role. And there’s an almost complete lack of affect on her part, and yet, for me, a lot of engagement in her situation…

The fights are great. I’ve been in, and have personally choreographed, a lot of staged violence, and this was quality stuff. It does my heart good to see a young woman really kick ass. The brutality and desperation of the fights, in fact, at times seemed to appall more than thrill the audience, which is as it should be. As I write this (i.e., the following morning) I’m still thrilled.”

Of course, Soderbergh’s movies aren’t guaranteed hits unless they have the word “Oceans” in the title, and it’s not like Haywire has a built-in audience like The A-Team (which kind of bombed, by the way). And in general, January is usually the month when crappy movies are buried by studios. Still, you’re telling me you won’t be camping out to see this one on opening night?


  1. J-Dog Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 12:17

    I think the black bars make the photo hotter than the un-edited version. Makes you think for a second she might be nude. She's so fine.
  2. steampunk22 Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 12:18

    DAMN! How 'bout that Ring Girl! ;P
  3. Viva Hate Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 12:19

    Any want to sign my petition to replace Chandella “Seabiscuit” Powell with Gina?
  4. Get Off Me Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 12:23

    Good looking girl no doubt....That whole kit cope story ruined it for me though :( Also, when reviews come from "screenings" they are often unreliable, there were many good reviews for the A-Team before it was released. Here's hoping for a full frontal in the movie or at the very least a shower transition of some sort.
  5. ReX13 Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 12:30

    Agree with JDog, and sign Viva's petition. Anyone confirm that this movie is NC17 for Gina being stark nekkid for half the flick?
  6. SnakeJake Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 12:32

    /agree. The black bars do make it hotter. I'd sure like to practice some triangle chokes with her.
  7. ReX13 Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 12:32

    Yes, my comment was immature and possibly reveals deep seated misogyny. Bite me.
  8. Viva Hate Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 12:37

    @Rex, You were worried about your misogyny? Haven’t read any of my comments this week have you? I think you are safe.
  9. Wyatt Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 12:41

    Any excuse for running pictures of her is fine with me.
  10. Barc Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 12:42

    all I can think of when I read Misogyny is Vagina... and that picture up there, well, boys. It's thursday, and the Mrs. is home alone. I'ma call it a day here.
  11. justscrappin Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 12:44

    Finally something I can just fap it to.
  12. justscrappin Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 12:52

    Yeah Viva...but does your wife post within the confines of these walls? Mamaplata cold be lurking anywhere...and she wouldn't be pleased with the VaGina Carano being displayed so prominently.
  13. imabigfan Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 12:59

    hamana hamana hamana holy hell. That is all.
  14. Viva Hate Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 01:07

    @justscrappin, Worse, I am not married yet but risk that happening with every sick joke I am sure. At least Mamaplata seems to have a generally good sense of humor and throws some heavy shots back his way. I have not tested those waters yet. Rex is established.
  15. justscrappin Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 01:08

    Yes Imabigfan....I certainly am.
  16. Almost North Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 01:34

    Reading the title I was hoping 'haywire' was some sort of slang for underwear.
  17. jgrant Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 01:34

    Can't imagine this movie being good.
  18. ccman Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 02:29

    I have actually never seen it without the bars...... Help a brother out here people
  19. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 02:47

    @ccman It's pretty much this photo, with the straps 'shopped out hxxp:// source: GIS for Gina Carano weigh-in
  20. busted_cranium Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 03:02

    I'd Darce Choke the fuck out of my chicken and drop some 12-to-6 all over her gob.
  21. Ballkick Says:

    Fri, 06/18/10 - 09:47

    Gina is a fine specimen, fit , talented fighter, pretty,.....too bad she will never beat Cyborg even if you gave her 10 more kicks at that cat. Christine Cyborg on the other hand is also a specimen, fit, very talented fighter, with a face like a boiled owl. Watched her training regime the other day,....the chick is a machine. Props to her.
  22. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sat, 06/19/10 - 06:27

    J-Dog Says: Sat, 06/19/2010 - 05:17 I think the black bars make the photo hotter than the un-edited version. Makes you think for a second she might be nude. She's so fine. ............................................................................................................... Pretty much sums it up, she is one fine fine lookin ladeeee, and I'm pretty sure by the look on the ring girls face she's agreein with us all
  23. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sat, 06/19/10 - 06:29

    @ Rex, misogyny indicates hatred, your just showin appreciation Bro, Fap on Brothers
  24. yeehaa2k Says:

    Sat, 06/19/10 - 08:10

    If you remember their fight Gina had cyborg in the mount twice and if had any semblance of a ground game would have finished cyborg.
  25. BigKitty Says:

    Sat, 06/19/10 - 10:17

    Knockout/Haywire only finished shooting at the beginning of April. The fact that the film is in a state where the director and studio feel fine showing it to test audiences is pretty unheard of....2 months after wrap !?! As far as 'bad movies being released in January' that is not true. It would take the studio 6 months to come up with an appropriate marketing plan and secure the number of screens they need to take a film like this wide (3000 plus screens most likely) if you were to look at the schedule of movie release dates for the rest of this year..there just aren't the screens that Lionsgate wants. Should they have anticipated this?...(the need for yes..they should have. But remember they bought this film based on Soderbergh's pitch. no script..and honestly none of them had ever heard of Gina..they were gambling on Soderbergh's plan and vision. Now that they've seen what he's done with Gina and the film..they know they have something big on their hands.
  26. Clyde Says:

    Sat, 06/19/10 - 12:00

    I'd hit it harder than Cris Cyborg did. Although it wouldn't take me over 4 minutes to finish and need josh Rosenthal to pull me off at the end. MMA based double entendres aside, I will go out on a limb and say Gina will be passeble as an actress and the movie will be a moderate success, although not critically well recieved. Then again, it may just be shit. But I've been wrong before.
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