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You Have Never Partied This Hard: Georges St. Pierre Edition

("I’m Something St. Something, bitches." Photos courtesy of this set on Combat Lifestyle.)

Just a little visual counterpoint to yesterday’s post about Georges St. Pierre‘s post-UFC 100 drinking binge. Pics of Shonie Carter‘s gold speedo await you after the jump.


  1. gpd1389 Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 07:21

    Mayhem is a nut!
  2. ksgbobo Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 07:23

    What is it about asian bitches? Man, I wish i was there!
  3. MaxTheLimit Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 07:24

    Go for the one in the middle Georges...or all 3! Wait a minute....what's with the guy eyin' up the junk in the 4th pic? Could he open his eyes any wider?
  4. Ballentine Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 07:34

    5 girls to 8 guys + 1 Mayhem Miller That ratio sucks..
  5. ArmFarmer Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 07:34

    I guess when somethings covered in gold and being thrust in your face it's hard not to look.. no matter what it is or how badly you don't want to see it. Either that or Mayhem's just gayer than Brock Lesnars chest. You'd think a famous ufc champion that girls drool over could pull a little better of a ratio in the hot tub.. looks like kind of a sausage party.
  6. Zee German Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 07:47

    "I'm Something St. Something, bitches." Best caption ever. Thanks for the laugh, Bens.
  7. MaxTheLimit Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 07:59

    @armfarmer: Sausage party indeed. It looks like GSP takes 3 to himself. That cuts the male/female ratio to alarming levels.
  8. FuriousGeorge Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 08:00

    GSP said: "I drank so much that I forgot my whole name." Damn, I didn't know you could do that with Fiji bottled water.
  9. agentsmith Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 08:09

    I hope GSP pulls better tail than that... the black chick is average at best, and the two asians are okay but nothing to write home about.
  10. MaxTheLimit Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 08:17

    Well he was drunk enough not to know his name. I imagine his perception of hotness might be a bit skewed.
  11. Titos Head Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 08:21

    man GSP is hammered lol
  12. Fedor vs. Bas Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 08:21

    hahahaha Mayhem. That dude is too funny.
  13. DaltonSwayze Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 08:24

    Agentsmith I'd love to see the girls you pull if you have that attitude
  14. TheHuytonHandGrenade Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 08:30

    Those who are fussy dont get no pussy, GSP aint fussy and he got three nuff said
  15. TheHuytonHandGrenade Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 08:34

    Mayhem: why has he got a blue wristband and i have a white?
  16. caffn8d Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 08:35

    LMFAO... that has to be the best caption ever! And that pic of Mayhem eyeing Shonie is f'ing hilarious. Talk about two guys it would be awesome to party with.
  17. Incubuz Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 08:46

    GSP pulled his groin, he ain't getting nothing for awhile. "I'm something St. something, bitches and my cock hurts" lol
  18. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 08:51

    Why did I click on this.
  19. Chiggs Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 09:10

    Shit I'd hate to be the fuckwad(s) to crash that party!!! Imagine that destruction lol..."Were here to uhhhh,, uhhhh, nvm
  20. sarah Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 09:15

    that Mayhem/Shonie picture is crying out for a caption contest.
  21. xocgx Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 09:26

    Didn't GSP say it was just his guy friends in his yardbarker blog? Maybe these girls snuck in? that pink hair is hot!
  22. whitey Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 09:30

    in the 3rd pic on the far left, i swear that's doogie howser!
  23. whitey Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 09:31

    "Let's go get some furburgers!"
  24. whitey Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 09:33

    4th pic: scottie evil and goldmember have NOT aged well
  25. whitey Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 09:33

    any of this t-shirt worthy?
  26. NinJay Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 09:59

    OMG that IS Doogie Howser?? It would be so epic.
  27. Poopchute Boxing Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 10:11

    NPH representin whilest kickin it with ass kickers not so anonymous. LOL
  28. Gamecock Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 10:20

    With that ratio, Doogie is right where he wants to be.
  29. pantera Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 11:34

    i think the asian on the right is from the paris hilton show
  30. Horror Fighter Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 12:04

    Wow, so this is what Brock Lesnar sees right before he wakes up screaming. Was it more gay or less gay after Alves and his posse showed up? I hope somebody thought to say, "No homo."
  31. Horror Fighter Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 12:05

    Oh, and speaking of T-shirts, my Hall of Fame one came in the mail today. Cheers, CP.
  32. Horror Fighter Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 12:12

    GSP tore his groin fighting Alves. The rectal tearing? That's a whole different story... (Seriously, I'm a GSP fan, but these shots look like stills from Cruising.)
  33. whitey Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 12:44

    i spy with my little eye........a boob being groped in the last pic. once again far left
  34. J-Dog Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 01:23

    No sword fighting in the pool! What a sausage fest! I guess the entourage has to get priority but damn they need to find some more chicks for the pool!
  35. Joe Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 01:34

    Arika Sato is hot!!! I love Asian Bitches!!!!!!!
  36. Imnotimpressed Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 03:04

    I'm not impressed by your performance.
  37. Raju-Erkki Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 03:41

    not at all
  38. sPeLLcHeCkEr Says:

    Thu, 07/16/09 - 06:00

    Petruzelli getting frisky with the champ in pic #2. Who let the dogs out indeed. Oh wait...
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    Sun, 12/01/13 - 04:41

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