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In a remarkable display of balls, Tommy Speer dominated Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver in last night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, despite an early cut that had full pints of blood squirting from his forehead. As Matt Serra shouted in his charming Lawn Guyland accent, “He’s bleedin’ like a pig, War!” Unfortunately for Team Serra, the fight would not be decided on blood loss alone.

It was an interesting matchup from the beginning — the robotic, emotionless Tommy Speer against the passionate, very emotional Jon Koppenhaver. And in the end, Koppenhaver’s emotional distraction and self-doubt seemed to swallow him.

War Machine started the match strong with a hard straight right that opened up the nastiest TUF cut since Edwin DeWees in season 4. For the next two minutes, War tried to finish the fight with a series of choke attempts, but couldn’t make it happen, and wound up exhausting himself in the process. Tommy capitalized on Jon’s fatigue, reversing a mount and laying into Jon with ground-and-pound for the remainder of the round. The fight could have been stopped right there — Jon was covering his face with both hands and made no effort to improve his position — but referee Steve Mazzagatti let the fight continue to a second round, where Tommy quickly took Jon down and dropped elbows (and blood) until the horn blew. War Machine collapsed on his way back to his corner and couldn’t even sit on the stool without falling off, but he didn’t have to worry about enduring a third round because the judges had seen enough.

Here’s the deal with blood: They don’t train you for it, and no matter whose head it’s coming from, it’ll freak you the fuck out. You have to be rock-solid mentally to deal with jets of the stuff spraying you in the face, and Jon Koppenhaver looked like he couldn’t handle it. He gave up, while Tommy toughed it out. Final score of the quarterfinals: 6-2, Team Serra.

Quote of the Night:
“I wonder if there’s coaching book for dummies. Is that on the market? I’m gonna get that for Hughes. When’s his birthday?” (Matt Serra)

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