UFC Fight Island

UFC fight island

UFC Fight Island was a huge risk for the promotion. The project would have either been a huge success or failure that would put the UFC out of business. It turns out that it was one of the most brilliant moves the company has done, which actually saved them. The project of making Fight Island … Read more

Top 5 Best MMA Gyms

Best MMA Gyms

You can be the most talented UFC prospect, but you’ll hardly reach title contention if you don’t train in some of the best MMA gyms in the world. You might get top 15 status, but defeating the best guys in the game demands hard work, skillful coaches, and an excellent team of training partners.  The … Read more

The Prominence And History Of BJJ Legend Royce Gracie

Royce Gracie

Royce Gracie is the man who put Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) on the map and started MMA’s push into mainstream consciousness. He didn’t develop the grappling art. That credit mostly goes to his father Helio Gracie and his uncle Carlos Gracie. However, Royce was the one who proved the effectiveness of BJJ during the inaugural Ultimate Fighting Championship tournaments, dominating bigger, stronger … Read more

The Top 10 Gracies of All Time

Gracie Family

Roger Gracie In 2005, 23-year-old Roger Gracie won the Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Championship by submitting all eight opponents, something that had never been done before. The son of Reyla Gracie, Roger has racked up numerous first place finishes in jiu-jitsu tournaments around the world, and won his first MMA match in December 2006 with an … Read more