Aleksander Emelianenko Detained by Police After Allegedly Beating a Man at a Moscow Cafe [UPDATED]

Aleksander Emelianenko

(“I must bake you.”)

In terms of extra-curricular violence, Aleksander Emelianenko has become the War Machine of Russia. The veteran heavyweight slugger was previously arrested following a bar-fight incident in 2007, and was fired by M-1 Global after he scuffled with flight attendants and passengers on an airplane last year. (“He then broke the nose of an airport employee and started a brawl in the hotel restaurant where a wedding was taking place.” LOL, classic Aleks.)

Emelianenko’s latest legal snafu took place yesterday in Moscow, where the Grim Reaper allegedly beat up a civilian in public. Ria Novosti has the details:

Russian police have detained mixed martial arts star Alexander Emelianenko on suspicion of beating up a man in a Moscow cafe, an official said Thursday.

The victim was hospitalized with serious injuries, police said, after a dispute Wednesday in a cafe in southeastern Moscow. A hunt was launched for the 31-year-old fighter, who was subsequently taken in for questioning, police said.

Speaking Thursday, Emelianenko’s lawyer denied the allegations. “There was no assault, there was just a conflict that ended in a fight,” he said.

At this point, we don’t have any details about the “conflict” that ended with a guy being sent to the hospital. But look, some guys settle problems with words, and some guys settle problems with fists, and Aleks has never struck me as the talking type.

Emelianenko has gone 2-0 this year, with first-round TKO’s of Bob Sapp and Jose Rodrigo Guelke. He was supposed to face Darrill Schoonover in August but had to withdraw due to a knee injury. His rematch with Mirko Cro Cop is still tentatively scheduled for next month.

(And screw you if you don’t think that caption is funny.)

Update: FightersOnly has more details about the incident, and they make Emelianenko look like a true asshole:

Aleksander Emelianenko is once again engaging with the police in his native Russia following yet another drunken incident.

He is accused of attacking a 63-year-old man in a Moscow bar following a dispute about the man’s volume.

The man, an army veteran, was celebrating his birthday was some friends. He alleges that Emelianenko took issue with the amount of noise coming from the table and immediately sprang into attack.

Emelianenko, via a spokesperson, denies the accusation and says that it was the man and his sons who started the violence following the initial interaction.

He initially avoided police attempts to contact him but in the end visited a police station voluntarily to give a statement.

Media were waiting on his doorstep when he finally exited the house – he spent 12 hours telling people to go away – and took the [below] snap of Emelianenko looking bloated and disheveled.