Brock Lesnar Is “Like A Caged Animal Waiting to Kill a Bird”

MMA Scraps)

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this video of Brock Lesnar training for his upcoming UFC heavyweight title defense against Shane Carwin.  A lot of that enjoyment comes from listening to Brock describe himself as “a caged animal waiting to kill a…bird.”  Not only is it a hilariously inept analogy, but it’s one that even Lesnar loses interest in before it’s over.

Okay, so the guy’s not a wordsmith.  We knew that already.  But that’s not what he gets paid for, and his coaches and sparring partners seem totally convinced that he’s got this one in the bag.  They should know.  They’re the ones helping him to perfect his hammer fists (or masturbation punches, if you prefer), and yeah, he spends a considerable amount of gym time actually practicing that caveman-like attack.  Hope you’re ready, Carwin.