Chael Sonnen’s Terrible Post-Fight Speech Was Actually Ripped Off From ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham

Of the many painful moments during Saturday’s UFC on FOX 2: Evans vs. Davis broadcast, the worst were the two appearances by Chael Sonnen‘s pro-wrestling heel character, which didn’t exactly help MMA’s reputation as a serious sport. Before the fight, Sonnen compared himself to a pack of cigarettes then leered directly into the camera, in a promo that would have gotten him immediately eliminated from WWE NXT.

After the fight, Sonnen launched into a self-aggrandizing monologue that had nothing to do with the battle he just had with Michael Bisping. If it reeked of low-budget wrasslin’ trash, there’s a reason for that. Sonnen was actually doing his own version of a 1975 post-match interview by “Superstar” Billy Graham, from a World Wide Wrestling Federation show. Watch the video above, then watch the video after the jump, and you’ll see what we mean…

(Props: BloodyElbow)

Really, Chael? This is who you’re modeling yourself after? The women’s pet and the men’s regret? Jesus. “As real as it gets,” it ain’t. Sonnen closed out his memorable night with one final bit of bizarre pre-rehearsed trash-talk:

And all you blowhards with your blow darts can make any threats you want. And I encourage you, follow through on ‘em. Send anybody you like. But don’t send anybody you’d like back.”