Chris Lytle Throws His Hat in the Ring For Indiana State Senate Seat

When Chris Lytle announced that he would be retiring after his submission win over Dan Hardy at UFC Live: Hardy vs. Lytle on August 14, he made mention that a future in politics was something that might be in the cards for him. Apparently the longtime Indianapolis firefighter was serious about the aspiration as he announced during a press conference earlier today that he will indeed be running for a seat in Indiana’s House of Representatives for District 28.

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“Lights Out” posted the following on’s Underground forum:

“I’ve decided that I can no longer let our government run with the same attitude that it has been for years. Our politicans worry about themselves more than the people they represent. That needs to change. Therefore, I’m running for state senate in Indiana.
I know times are tough, but I would greatly appreciate campaign donations through my website,” Lytle wrote. ”I don’t care if it’s $10, $20, or $50. It all helps. I’m running against someone who has been in there for 23 years and is well funded. Once again thanks and please watch how I start fighting in a new way.”

Elections to the United States Senate are scheduled for November 6, 2012. If Lytle’s bid for a Senate seat is successful, he will serve a six-year term from January 3, 2013 until January 3, 2019.