Frankie Edgar’s Coach Says He Should Drop to 135 Pounds

Edgar Cruz Vick

(Frankie Edgar vs. Dominick Cruz for the UFC bantamweight title, with special guest referee Michael Vick. Dare we dream? | Photo via the best communications director in MMA)

For years, everyone from UFC President Dana White to fans of former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar have called for “The Answer” to drop down to a more natural competition weight of 145 pounds because he’s so much smaller than just about everyone he’s faced in the Octagon. To this point, Edgar has only seemed to be annoyed at the suggestion — after all, he clearly has no problem competing with the relative behemoths at lightweight — but now even his team seems to be saying he should drop down…to bantamweight.

You read that correctly (or maybe you didn’t, we really can’t vouch for either your vision or literacy, so get off our back, ok?): Edgar’s boxing coach and The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry says that he’d like to see Edgar, who he says walks around at just 157-159 pounds, instead campaign at 135 pounds:

Me personally, I’d like to see Frankie for like a year to take a rest on his back and his body to fight people at 135 to do what everybody in the whole MMA community is [doing] and suck him down to nothing, looking like their death the day of the weigh-in and fight people that weigh as much as him,” Henry said while a guest on the SiriusXM Fight Club radio show Monday.

What he’s doing now I don’t think he gets enough credit for,” Henry continued. “You’re talking about guys that weigh 155-160 — what he walks around at — even when he isn’t training. Who’s doing that? That would be like Ben [Henderson] fighting Anderson Silva. He walks around and he’s 157. He comes back from Disneyland after his last fight or two fights ago and he’s 157, 158 or 159. I don’t think Frankie gets enough credit for what he’s accomplishing and doing in MMA.”

If Edgar truly walks around that light, that must be why he looks like he looked liked he was fighting his uncle in his matches with Gray Maynard and Benson Henderson. What do you say, Nation? Now that he’s lost two fights in row to Henderson, should Edgar do what most other fighters do and diet and cut down from about twenty pounds above their contracted weights for fights? Or would Frankie be better off keeping his speed and energy advantage at lightweight?

 Elias Cepeda