GIFs of the Day: Akiyama Even Makes Takedowns Look Sexy


(“I make this look good.”)

Sure, he didn’t win his UFC 144 bout with Jake Shields, but that didn’t mean Yoshihiro Akiyama went down without a sexy fight.

Although he wasn’t able to capitalize on the positions he created with his superior judo throws, “Sexyama” made the normally sedate Japanese crowd “ahhhh” in unison with these two tosses.

First, Akiymama employed the Osoto Gari, or large outer reap — a simple outside trip-toss timed perfectly to negate Shields’ Condit-esque leg jab. Had he followed him to the ground faster he may have been able to take Jake’s back, but because he didn’t get his hooks in, Shields easily escaped.

Next, Yoshihiro went with the Uki Goshi, also known as the floating hip throw,” but couldn’t keep Shields down with the front headlock or lock up a choke.