God Willing, We Will See Josh Koscheck vs. Nick Diaz at UFC 157

Josh Koscheck

(When the TUF producers decided to shoot Koscheck’s reaction to Two Girls One Cup, little did they know what traumatic psychological issues they would uncover.)

Say what you want about Josh Koscheck — seriously, do it now and in great detail — but if there’s one thing that male nurse hatin’ sumbitch isn’t, it’s afraid of a tough fight. His resume is easily one of the most impressive in the division and although he hasn’t been able to strike gold, he has more than earned his current status as a perennial contender. Sure, he has his shortcomings, but should we chastise a man just because he prefers his motorboats to be of the male ass variety rather than that of the female chest? For is the ass not but the chest of the South?

While you ponder those roundtable-worthy questions, consider the words of Dana White, who said in a recent interview that Nick Diaz would need a big win over a top guy at 170 before he would be considered back in the title picture. Being the remarkably generous company man that he is, Koscheck has apparently already agreed to play the role of stepping stone one last time (see Johny Hendricks, Thiago Alves), calling out Diaz over Twitter yesterday.


Must. Resist. Scanners gif.

But on a serious note, I must applaud Koscheck for his effort, or lack thereof. You see, I’ve followed the career of Nick Diaz for a while now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that his habits are shockingly similar to that of the Highland Cattle. Any questioning of his dominance as Stocktonian pack leader is immediate grounds for a fight. Hell, you don’t even have to call him out; maintaining eye contact with Diaz for over a second is enough to warrant an ass-whooping in his mind, so Koscheck has more than likely already launched himself to the top of Diaz’s hit list with this simple prodding. The fact that Cesar Gracie a.k.a Diaz’s muzzle told Tatame that he loved the idea of the fight should all but confirm this outright.

The suspension for Diaz’s positive marijuana metabolites test at UFC 143 is set to end in early 2013 and Koscheck has already told the media that he’d like to take the rest of the year off, so why not have these two scrap to kick off 2013? The amount of trash-talking, chest-puffing, and mean-mugging alone would make the pre-fight press conferences worth watching, granted Diaz was able to show up to them.

Agree or disagree?

UFC 157 is also rumored to feature Rashad Evans vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueria and is being targeted for February 7th.

-J. Jones