Great, Now Vitor Belfort Is Out of UFC 112 With an Injury

(8:03 am: Vitor learns about World of Warcraft. 12:16 pm: Vitor calls in sick to training, orders a pizza. 5:37 pm: Vitor suddenly declares himself incapable of fighting Anderson Silva at UFC 112.)

Get your disappointed faces on, Potato Nation.  Vitor Belfort won’t be challenging Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight strap in Abu Dhabi this April, after all.  Brazilian website Tatame broke the news today, which was later confirmed, that Belfort is out of the fight with a shoulder injury.  This is the second time the bout has been put off, and now we’re starting to wonder whether we’ll ever see it happen or whether the MMA gods have deemed it too potentially awesome to take place on an earthly realm.

The immediate question for the UFC is, what now?  They could postpone it yet again, relying instead on the novelty of the event to draw a crowd in the Middle East, or they could get crazy and try to shuffle newly-crowned contender Chael Sonnen into the challenger spot.  It seems unlikely that he’d be able to make the April 10 date considering all the damage he suffered in the win over Nate Marquardt, however.  Physical exhaustion aside, the guy got his forehead sliced in half, which means he’s going to need time to heal before he can even resume full-contact sparring.  Not only would the UFC be asking him to forego a full training camp, they’d be asking him to fight the world’s best 185-pounder with just two months rest after the toughest fight of his career.

Besides, Sonnen seems to have other things on his mind just now…

Yep, that’s Sonnen getting the old “fair and balanced” treatment from the Fox News morning show “Fox & Friends.” Through the wizardry of make-up, they even managed to make him look like a human being who didn’t just go through three rounds of hell a few days ago, and that’s impressive. Attempts to keep the electorate from finding out about his career as an “Ultimate Fighting Champion” are now futile, but Sonnen’s stated political goals still trend toward the vague end of the spectrum. He wants more jobs in the economically depressed screwed state of Oregon, less government spending, and more focus on schools, where extracurriculars are being cut, presumably because the state has no money and opposing any and all government spending is the cause célèbre of the moment.

Fun things to note: at around the 2:25 mark, the three hosts begin to get visibly impatient with Sonnen’s spiel, then they close with a plug for, which is not actually a website.