Gross Picture of the Day: Dominick Cruz’s Hand

No, this is not a scene from the upcoming (not to mention unnecessary) version of The Thing, this is just another one of UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz‘s infamous post- hand surgery photos that we have all come to know and love, and then vomit after seeing. Dominick’s fragile hands have long been a recurring factor in the champ’s career. In fact, its getting hard to remember a time that he hasn’t broke his hands during a fight. This time, the injury came with his unanimous decision win over Demetrious Johnson at UFC on Versus 6. We’ll let the champ explain how things went down:

It’s basically the exact same injury I had on my left hand. Same knuckle, same everything. The tendon is completely ripped off the bone and my finger is popping out of its socket due to that. And the knuckle just dislocates when I make a fist. I have to get that tendon that ripped reattached with surgery. After I got the surgery on my left hand the doctor said it would be stronger. And it’s true. It is stronger. He put an extra piece of tendon over the top of the knuckle so it’s braced for impact. He did some voodoo stuff with it that he drilled a hole through the knuckle and tied it so tight that there’s no way for that tendon to lift back up off the bone again. I really feel like it’s stronger than it was in the first place and I won’t have any issues with it anymore.

For those of you who think that was gross, keep in mind that this isn’t even the worse post-hand surgery photo that Dominick Cruz has released, which we will show you now:

Good God. The phrase “zombie bite” comes to mind. This gem was snapped after Cruz’s split decision win over Joseph Benavidez back at WEC 50, only this time with his aforementioned left hand.

Cruz will be out of action until 2012 when he will likely face the winner of the Urijah Faber/Brian Bowles match, two guys known for having hand issues of their own. Will someone get these guys a glass of milk already?