“Mayhem” Miller Wasn’t Kidding About That Staph Infection

Mayhem Miller Staph

Okay, now I think we know why “Mayhem” Miller felt the need to take to Twitter and badger Jake Shields about the result of their Strikeforce title fight.  Miller claims to have gotten a staph infection as a result of the bout, and this photo he posted just a few minutes ago confirms that he’s either telling the truth, or an alien is about to jump out of his throat.  The next time you hear Dana White asking a group of starry-eyed young men whether they want to be [expletive] fighters, think about this.  It’s not all girls and money and fame.  It’s also weird infections that make you look like you’re growing a third eye in the middle of your neck. 

Just hold tight, Mayhem.  We may not have any medical expertise whatsoever to help you deal with this, but we’re overnighting a turtleneck right now.